Lazarus Group took advantage of the crisis of the sars coronavirus to strengthen the unlawful activities

May 20, 2020 by Clementine

If the containment on a planetary scale, has forced indirectly the people to move towards the use of digital technology, the criminals have not missed the opportunity to increase their profits. In fact, the malicious activities online have grown, to like of those of the group Lazarus.

Schemes, well-developed

A recent report revealed that Lazarus Group, the very famous organisation of hacking, has stepped up its efforts to steal crypto-currencies. The report on the burglary reads as follows :

“The group of piracy APT (persistent threats-adaptive) Lazarus, which would be sponsored by a certain government, multiplies the activities of cyber-crime in South Korea and outside “

Apparently, the group of criminals only target people who are used in the handling of crypto-currencies and the regulars of the sector crypto.
Several maneuvers have been deployed by this group to achieve their purposes, including the use of malware emails highlighting the names of fictitious companies working in the services of crypto-currencies.
Spear phishing, a different approach typical of this group in north Korean, is to extract personal information on the next victims in order to exploit them later to commit theft and scams.

North Korea is the main suspect

Given that the North Korean government has always been suspected to be in cahoots with the group, Lazarus, the opinion of the observer converges to assert that it is the whole country that will benefit from these ill-gotten gains of crypto-currencies.
As A reminder, the UN had published in 2019 a report in which he asserts that the country had accumulated over $ 670 million of bitcoins and other crypto-currencies, thanks to the hacks. The institution points the finger at the group Lazarus as being at the origin of this huge fraudulent act.
This paper provides details in accordance with which the digital assets provide to the democratic people’s Republic of Korea, more ways to evade sanctions. This assertion was based on the anonymous nature and independent of the digital assets, which facilitates the laundering of repetition of these.
Do you think that this is actually North Korea that is being funded by crypto-currencies across the group, Lazarus ? Respond in the comment section below.
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