Ledger, federal republic of GERMANY and other bitcoin wallets may be the victim of a hack BigSpender – Breaking News

Researchers at israel’s ZenGo will have all of the bitcoin users are alerted to new vulnerabilities have been identified in a number of popular bitcoin wallets.

Three of the big wallets

It’s going to make bitcoin transactions from well known bitcoin wallets. These transactions were vulnerable to a double spend attack, which is why this issue BigSpender it. To this conclusion, researchers from the Tel Aviv-based bitcoinbedrijf ZenGo. They have a nine-wallets-tested, but expect that more and more wallets are affected by them.

Ledger Live, the Edge, and the federal republic of GERMANY, have already taken steps, once their security teams have been told they have to by ZenGo.

The two times the issue

BigSpender allows the attacker to be able to use the walletgebruiker to believe that a payment has been made, and while it is, in fact, be replaced by the owner. The exploit could be that the owner of the wallet to access coin. It should be noted that not all of us agree is that the nature of the vulnerability.

“At the core of the BigSpender, is that the vulnerable wallets are not being prepared for the option of transaction to be cancelled and it is implicitly assumed that, in the end, it will be fixed,” wrote ZenGo’s senior software engineer, Oded Leiba.

This neglect has many faces. In the first place, it is the balance of a user, when an incoming transaction is to be increased, while it is not confirmed, and is not reduced when the transaction is double-spent, and, therefore, are effectively canceled.”

A lot of users

The Ledger and the federal republic of GERMANY are questioning the harsh language of the researchers at ZenGo.

“There will be no real double-spending is done,” said Ledger. “The computer’s continue to be safe and secure. The display of the received transactions may be misleading, ” written on it.

ZenGo believes that it is important that a BigSpender on, the light comes in, as this is found to be the most popular wallets.

“It doesn’t mean that there are not other issues or other wallets do not have to be exposed to the BigSpender-attack,” said Ohayon, the director of ZenGo. “This can lead to your computer will not be able to spend, and the fact that it is on such a large scale is done, make sure that we are serious find it.”

To continue to innovate and invest in the

‘Hacks happen, constantly. Security is an ongoing battle that is being waged by the industry, and that can’t be won by a single player or a single product, let alone a version of the update. In order to mass adoption is to make it possible, it is important that the wallet, as much as possible to invest in both research and security, we also have invested in wotden in product development and services.’

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