License, the government could create a new industry

Bitcoin Mining is not only for ideological reasons. The concept behind Mining is the basic framework for the Bitcoin network, however, operated largely for economic reasons. It is a predictable, long-term and quite lucrative business model, to the extent that it is able to provide the necessary liquidity for the high entry or fixed costs.One of the major players of the Turkish Bitcoin Mining giant iMiner is. The company operates in various countries, plant and equipment and is now expanding in Iran. A new business is formed, so that in the otherwise so isolated and sanctions penalized the country?

Bitcoin Mining in Iran: opportunity or risk?

According to a recent report by a local news magazine (see source), we can observe a paradigm change in Iran. The Iranian Minister of industry has granted to the Turkish company iMiner a license for Mining. IMiner operates Mining farms in various countries such as the USA, Russia, Canada and, of course, in Turkey.Thus, the Turkish company would operate directly the largest Bitcoin Mining Farm in Iran and the start of a new economic sector of pave. At the factory it’s supposed to be a Bitcoin Mining Farm with a total of 6,000 devices, which contributes a total of 96,000 Terahash on the network.As mentioned in the introductory paragraph, this is a significant paradigm shift. A few months ago, in July 2019, was declared the head of Iran’s Central Bank, the trade with Bitcoin as illegal. A few months later (August 19), followed fucking a new law to the government of Iran, which currencies to trade in Crypto to “”, but the way for Bitcoin Mining made.You want to operate Bitcoin Mining, but do not have a place and also the electricity is too expensive? Then take a look at the Bitcoin Mining Hardware All Inclusive Hosting package MeaTec to. The boys and girls of the mines for years and have found a way to make real Mining Hardware is accessible for everyone and profitable. Get started today and let your first BTC Miner work for you! Now the Miner start!

Zig-zag course on crypto currencies

A month later, in September 2019, announced the Iranian government’s tax concessions for Iranian Miner. In return, they had to leave, however, the foreign exchange Iran. The policy of Iran is driving this, is so, on the one hand, ‘welcoming’, but on the other hand, the very clear self-interest of the Islamic Republic.Nevertheless, we must hold that the overall image is compared to the topic of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Mining as negative in Iran. The government sees crypto-currencies as a possible means of money laundering and other activities. Contrary to this, you also see opportunities thanks to the possibility to deal with the help of crypto-currencies sanctions.After the confiscation of mining equipment in the past, tax relief a few months ago, and now, the current assignment of the license of the course taken by the government remains unclear. Mining could still be a Chance for the country.How would you rate the Situation in Iran, about Bitcoin Mining? – Chance or risk?(Image Source: Shutterstock)

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