Lightning Labs launches a Desktop App for Bitcoin Mainnet

Bitcoin is scaled also without the larger blocks. This has underlined Lightning Labs with the release of the latest Version of the Lightning App for the three most common operating systems again.

As the US-based company in a blog post, to notify, Bitcoin enthusiasts from now on the Alpha Version 0.5.0 of the Lightning Desktop Client access and testing purposes download.

The prefix “Alpha” it can, however, already have a glimpse of the latest Update, it is only a test version. To advises caution in the use of Lightning Labs, therefore:

We would like to remind the user that it is still a very young technology. There is the risk that you will lose all your Funds. In Testing the current Alpha Version of the Software we do not recommend users to put any more money in the App, as you are willing to lose.


Nearest Station: Mobile

Judging from the press release is taken with the launch of the Desktop Version of the Lightning Labs Client a major hurdle. Of the user experience with the Software, the company hopes to be able to important insights for the next step to win: the Launch of the mobile versions for Android and iOS Smartphone. You “work on it as soon as possible, to the Mainnet Apps for Android and iOS to bring out,” it says.

Since Lightning is a Bitcoin-scaling solution, with a clear Payment is respect, the focus on Mobile Apps, comprehensible, and likely to inspire the crypto-adaptation in the retail sector.

Neutrino Client makes for better applicability

The latest Desktop Version of the company builds, according to the information on the Neutrino Light Client. This is a Client that allows for more anonymity and enhanced security (the Private Keys always remain with the user) without the user having to pre-synchronize the entire, currently around 200 GB Bitcoin Blockchain. Due to this slenderness Neutrino is also suitable for Smartphone implementations.

Adventurous users can find here all the available versions of the Lightning Labs Desktop Client.

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