Liquid comes to cancel the sale of Gram on its platform

January 19, 2020 by Océane

While Telegram attempts to negotiate with the u.s. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the regulatory authority american, to authorize the launch of its crypto-currency Gram, Liquid, crypto-stock exchange in japan, comes from him cutting the grass under the feet in cancelling the sale of its token on its platform.

Telegram pays a very high price for its dispute with the SEC

Liquid comes to realize that the accommodation of the Gram is not a wise decision on his part, despite the opportunity offered to him of becoming the first exchange site to organize a public sale of the token GRAM.
In fact, he has explained in a recent publication that the reasons for this cancellation of the sale are intimately related to the delay in the launch of the crypto-currency, which would have been caused by the costs incurred by the SEC against Telegram.
The SEC has issued a prohibition order, requiring the e-mail application to halt the sale of the chips, GRAM, saying that she would not have followed the procedures to the ICO of $ 1.7 billion.
Since, Telegram found itself in a legal battle with the SEC, and still refuses to share with the regulatory authority us its data on the ICO. The hearing related like the 18 and 19 February next.

Liquid repays its investors

Comply with the conditions of service in effect at the exchange platform, Liquid decided to return all the funds committed by its users in the sale of tokens Gram.
She would have even begun to repay its investors, while stating that the disruption caused by the delay in the launch of the token are incompatible with their terms of service.
His announcement reads as follows:

“The sale of tokens Gram on Liquid has been cancelled and all funds previously held by receiver by Liquid have been returned to the users who have planned to participate in the sale of chips Gram “.

Do you think that the cancellation of the sale of Gram could be a blow to the economy of Telegram ? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.
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