Litecoin (LTC), Nano (Nano), Verge (XVG): Factors Propelling the Price – Market Analysis for April 12

Litecoin (LTC), Nano (Nano), Verge (XVG): Factors Propelling the Price – Market Analysis for April 12

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Several factors propelling the price of Verge (XVG) have made an impact on its commendable week. The virtual currency profited from the announcement made by Bittrex. It was regarding the reopening of account registrations following its termination in December.

Trading price today is over 6% and continues to rise. For the past 24 hours, considerable growth in the trading volume was also seen from $148 million to about $155 million.

Verge has already established an uptrend in the charts, and growth is expected within 24 hours or beyond. It signifies the positive outlook of crypto traders and investors toward this virtual coin. So long as this positive development continues, Verge will be in the bull market.

The cryptocurrency market seems to have positively gained a lot from the present rally on the Wall Street debacle. An insider mentioned that Wall Street is contemplating its involvement in the cryptocurrency world. This current development could be one of the factors propelling the price of many altcoins today. Since yesterday, Litecoin (LTC) has gained a significant value in its trading price from $107 to approximately $125.

Litecoin’s market capitalization, as of today, is above $6.7 billion which is an indication of its sturdy purchasing weight at this time. In the past 24 hours, various platforms have been positively pointing out the features of this crypto coin. There is no doubt that people are getting excited about Litecoin. This convincing reaction gave Litecoin an excellent rising momentum in the market today.

Nano may have endured a lot during the cryptocurrency fiasco in the 1st quarter of the year, but it has moved on since then. The recent development has impacted this altcoin in a positive way that its trading price has grown to over 10% within the day. Trading volumes are also going up which means that crypto traders and investors are gradually taking quite a liking to this altcoin. Sizes are now at $21,554,000 from yesterday’s $6.9 million.

Since yesterday, Nano has been cited 14 times or so, and about 64% of these are on the affirmative side. Apparently, this indicates the positive sentiment of the people toward Nano and can be considered as one of the factors propelling the price of this crypto coin today.

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