Majority of Reddit users to store bitcoin securely

In a study on the social media platform Reddit shows that the majority of Reddit users are using a hardware wallet for bitcoins to be save. The user gunnaj is doing his master thesis on bitcoin is, and has been a research conducted among 339 users, 158 of them are using a hardware wallet like Ledger or TREZOR.

Different people have different wallets

With a hardware wallet, your private keys are encrypted by both offline and onto a physical device. A hardware wallet is safer than any other type of account, because the private keys are not connected to the internet. Your bitcoins are on the blockchain and the private keys are the access to cryptomunten. You may have a hardware wallet, which is why you see it as a kind of key.
Nearly sixty of the respondents indicated the bitcoins, to store in a software wallet on your phone. This is an app that allows you to bitcoin, you can’t manage, think of the Coinomi or the federal republic of GERMANY is the wallet. In addition, the use of 54 respondents, use a software wallet on your computer, for example, Jazz, or the Exodus.
Only 21 respondents, the use of a paper wallet. That is, it is nothing more than a piece of paper (often using the QR-code) in which both the private and public keys are displayed. One advantage of a paper wallet is that you do not have to depend on a piece of hardware or software, to access cryptomunten, you are able to have the piece of paper to find. The only disadvantage is that you have to carry another wallet, need to get the private keys to import them, if you use your bitcoins to sell.

Most of the people will have to have a back-up copy of the wallet

Of the respondents, and have 299 as a back-up, which is 88,2% of the whole group. 238 users to write their own back-up copy on a piece of paper. This is the most secure method to or offline, and out of the reach of potential hackers.
More worrying is that, of 33 users of the back-up is stored in the cloud, for example, a service such as Google Drive or iCloud. If hackers gain access to the cloud, they can also be the back-up copy of the private keys is to get a hold of. Also, 10 of the respondents have their back-up is stored in an e-mail. For the same reason, it is just as dangerous.

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