Manchester City Digital Fan Banners Cause Indignation

While Manchester City is making huge strides towards defending their Premier League title, the club is causing real outrage among many football fans on Monday.

Instead of using flags and posters, Manchester City is using digital banners in the Etihad Stadium grandstand, setting completely new standards. However, these are not well received by the real fans. During the 1:0 victory of the table leader against Leicester City it hails a Shitstorm in the net.

Fans are betting against banners

“Now football is finally in the bucket,” complains a pendant on Twitter. A tweet by Twitter user “Dan” causes a particular stir. There you can see how on a grandstand in the upper tier digital banners take over the choreo of the fans instead of posters. Dan”, who is also a fan of FC Liverpool, settles accounts with the citizens. “Digital banners… a whole new level…nothing is much more embarrassing than this shit.”

Tweet is well received by users

The assessment was shared by thousands of fans within a few hours. Meanwhile, Tweet has been retweeted almost 4000 times and licked more than 12,000 times.

In the other blocks, you won’t see any banners. The ManCity fans only wave a few flags and hold scarves up.

ManCity before title win

But after the match against Leicester, there was nothing to complain about. City won 1-0 after a dream goal from Vincent Kompany and leads the Premier League table one matchday ahead of Saiosnende with a point advantage over FC Liverpool.

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