Maxthon has its own browser based on the Blockchain Bitcoin SV

6 February 2020 by Antoine

Convinced that the Blockchain Bitcoin SV (BSV) has all the assets needed to fuel the next generation Internet called Metanet, Maxthon, the world society for Internet browsers, developed the first browser-based Blockchain Bitcoin SV (BSV).

A new achievement for Maxthon

Slated for launch in alpha version at the end of this month of February and the beta version in the month of march of this year, the next version of the browser Maxthon is named Maxthon 6.
Maxthon is a Web browser multi-platform world fame with its 670 million users, and whose main asset is his ability to serve as a substitute in the event of a failure of the browser.
She had also been rewarded several times by Readers ‘Choice Awards of since that time, and received the appointment as one of the 100 best products PC World.

Details on Metanet

As A reminder, Metanet is the work of Dr Craig S. Wright, the alleged Satoshi Nakamoto. It is defined as being the Internet working via the Blockchain Bitcoin, combining then the double capacity of Bitcoin to send payments, and data transmission.
Users are thus confronted in a universe digitized, which allows them easy access to the micro-payments through their online activities.
Moreover, only the Bitcoin Satoshi Vision is compatible with Metanet, because of the authenticity of the protocol of the Blockchain as it is designed according to the pattern of Satoshi Nakamoto. This originality shows through in his ability is not up to standard in transaction processing, which is both faster and cheaper.
Remember that it only takes less than 1/20 of a cent to the us dollar to make a payment to BSV, and this cost is likely to decline as the BSV will evolve over time.
What do you think of the first browsers based on the Blockchain Bitcoin VS ? Respond in the comment section below.
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