Michael Bloomberg makes BTC to issue in US election

The US election for 2020 is already in full swing. This will be taken up by the candidates many of the issues they stand for and that you want to address if you should move into the White house. This is also true Michael Bloomberg has made in recent weeks by his million expenditure for advertising headlines. The billionaire and financial entrepreneurs want to tackle the regulation of Crypto. We summarize for you the Bitcoin News.

Bitcoin News, a la Bloomberg

It seems that BTC and co. have discovered the US election again. After the presidential candidate Andrew Yang, who was actually considered as the “Crypto candidate”, is voluntarily excreted out of the race to Michael Bloomberg, the subject again. Thus, it ensures a wide-ranging Bitcoin News.
More specifically, the CEO of Bloomberg L. P. and former mayor of New York would like to address the regulation around BTC and co., and this uniform, as well as precise design that emerges from his Bitcoin News. This is a Plan for reforms in the financial sector:

Crypto-currencies have become an asset class in the value of hundreds of billions of dollars, but regulatory oversight is still fragmented and undeveloped. With all of the promises, bring in the Blockchain, Bitcoin and ICOs with, there are also a lot of Hype, fraud, and criminal activities.

The other candidates in the presidential campaign have kept up to now from the topic of “crypto-currencies” and for no headlines, Bitcoin News, like now, Bloomberg, taken care of.

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Has to catch up with the US?

It could be high time that the United States takes the issue of Bitcoin more seriously. Most of the Bitcoin News from the United States to go more in the direction of “better to do nothing than something wrong”. This event also has the Libra project, as it received strong opposition from the regulators, and Mark Zuckerberg, even in the U.S. Senate for a hearing had to.
The reason for this handling could be due to the fact that the USA has to lose with the supremacy of the US dollar in terms of finances more than others. In Europe and Asia, the efforts around the regulation, are more advanced. Again and again, Startups for Bitcoin News worry, because you have to draw, for example, in Switzerland. There you want to benefit from the regulatory advantages. So, for example, also Yeoman Capital:

Everyone who knows, already knows the clear European guidelines on crypto-custody, to the stock exchange to licensing, the rules for the issue of Payment, the Utility, and Security Token. The European rules are at this point very clear.

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