Michael Mosier is back to FinCEN

February 29, 2020 by Océane

Michael Mosier has been nominated as chief technical advisor of the company analysis of the Blockchain, Chainalysis, for a period of seven months. It comes in effect to announce his return within the FinCEN, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network.

A boon for the FinCEN

According to a recent announcement, Michael Mosier returns to the FinCEN for the position of deputy director of digital innovation, whose main mission would be in support of the vision, design and development of strategies for the management of data and information across the agency of the Treasury.
Kenneth Blanco, the director of the agency, commented on this development in these terms :

“I am delighted that Michael takes on such a central role in our management team “.

This enthusiasm proves well-founded, given that the character has significant experience in the field of finance. Apart from FinCEN and Chainalysis, he has previously held many government positions, including the Office of the Treasury of foreign assets control, to the Section of the money laundering and the recovery of having the ministry of Justice and the national security Council of the White House.

“He brings extensive experience in public and private sectors that will help FinCEN to engage proactively with industry partners and government to address emerging threats and to take advantage of the diverse opportunities in the areas of financial security, and national,” pointed out Kenneth.

The crypto-sector is at the heart of the concerns of FinCEN

Wanting to increase his performance in his vocation for the control and monitoring of the crypto-activities, the FinCEN is currently considering bailing out its budget by hundreds of thousands of dollars of funding in order to increase the volume of analysis on the crypto-currencies.
The next step is to publish new rules relating to crypto-currencies, according to Steve Mnuchin, the u.s. secretary of the Treasury.
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