Microsoft raises revolutionize the mining Bitcoin

A patent recently approved for the mining system Microsoft Bitcoin will revolutionize the way that people view the mining operations cryptographic. The technology giant, Microsoft, has patented a new solution of mining cryptographic. Using the data of body activity to reward people with digital cash when doing certain tasks.

Revolutionizes the mining

The last patent of the giant technology, Microsoft, refers to revolutionize a system of mining is cryptographic. This rewarding the human with cryptocurrencies by performing physical tasks. The new and promising mining system Microsoft’s goal is to reduce the calculation power. And, in turn, increase the processing speed. In this way, the data of the human body are recorded when a person performs any type of physical activity. In this sense, the information is received with the brain waves or body heat, generated by the people when performing certain tasks. Like to see an ad, or using certain Internet services, and rewarded with criptos. Unlike conventional cryptography as the Blockchain of Bitcoin. Since, the miners use an expensive hardware equipment to remove Bitcoin (BTC). The new system, Microsoft uses the data generated in function of the body activity of a user as proof of work. Thus, it enables users to solve unconsciously the difficult computer problem.

The Microsoft patent

The patent document that is going to revolutionize the mining of the Microsoft Bitcoin sheds further light on the innovative concept that combines both the health and the cryptography. The system aims to reduce the computation power needed to exploit digital assets, while speeding up the extraction process. Microsoft said: “Some embodiments exemplary of the present disclosure may use the activity of the human body associated with a task provided to a user, as a solution to the challenges of the mining cryptocurrencies”. “In the place of work of mass computing that require some cryptographic systems conventional, the data generated in function of the body activity of the user can be a proof-of-work. Therefore, a user can resolve unconsciously, the problem of difficulty of calculation”. Also, Microsoft added: “A server may provide a task to a device of a user that is coupled communicatively to the server. A sensor coupled communicatively to the user device or included in it can detect the physical activity of the user”. Also, “a system of cryptography integrated on the user’s device can verify whether the data of bodily activity meet one or more conditions. And so, grant cryptography the user whose activity data body check”.

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