MicroStrategy buys for 250.000.000 USD BTC

In connection with the digital Asset Bitcoin there are many Narratives: digital Gold, random or uncorrelated Asset, asset value inflation protection, and some more. Just in the course of the corona crisis and the monetary policy measures of Central banks and governments around the world, these have gained in importance like never before.

While many BTC Fans and Crypto enthusiasts for years, the benefits of Bitcoin to communicate and a lot of diligent investing, seems to be changing in the Public, more and more the image of BTC. The Figures of the last two quarters of Grayscale, the signal a renewed interest of institutional investors, for example, show. But not only for hedge funds and co. BTC seems to provide a more value. Also companies seem to have the Bitcoin now for your Corporate portfolio discovered.

Microstrategy is investing 250.000.000 USD in Bitcoin

The recent actions by the company “MicroStrategy occupied” in relation to Bitcoin. The company is the largest, publicly traded Business Intelligence company, has, according to Wikipedia, 2,600 employees and is represented in a total of 128 cities in 89 countries.

In a press release dated yesterday, the company declared that it has acquired the Bitcoin to the value of a total of 250.000.000 USD. The purchase of 21.454 BTC aims to maximize long-term value for its shareholders. It is very interesting to note that MicroStrategy by actively buying for cash has decided.

This investment reflects our Belief that Bitcoin is as the most widely used crypto-currency in the world, a reliable store of value, and a more attractive investment with greater long-term potential for value enhancement as a cash.

According to the listed companies, Bitcoin not only has a great relevance for individuals but also for companies and their so-called Corporate Portfolios.

Since its introduction over a decade ago, Bitcoin has developed a significant addition to the global financial system, with properties that are both for individuals as well as institutions useful. MicroStrategy has recognized Bitcoin as a legitimate investment value, the cash can be superior […].

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Why the company has decided so?

One of the main reasons why the company has decide to MicroStrategy to make this investment in Bitcoin at the current time, the monetary policy actions of the Central banks in the world in the Wake of the corona of a crisis. Many experts see an increased probability that it will come through the expansion of the money supply to higher Inflation.

Our decision to invest at this time in Bitcoin was driven, in part, by the interaction of macro factors, which affect the economic and business landscape […]. These include macro factors by COVID-19 triggered economic and health crisis, the unprecedented government measures for financial stimulation, including the globally adopted quantitative easing, as well as the global political and economic uncertainty [ … ]. We believe that these and other factors can have a significant downward effect on the long-term real value of Fiat currencies, and many other conventional forms of investment […].

Whether it will actually come to the Mirco strategy feared developments and the anticipated Inflation, remains to be seen. Nevertheless, it is for Bitcoin to be a very bullishes sign that now seemingly also companies start to buy up the digital coins, thus increasing the buying pressure than another group of players on the market.

A hymn of praise to Bitcoin

The following words are sounding in the ears of many Bitcoin Fans like the heavenly vocals of the financial angels. So Chief Executive Michael J. Saylor says that Bitcoin is the most robust money is a form of that has ever been created:

We are of the opinion that the global acceptance, the awareness of the brand, the vitality of the Ecosystem, the dominance of the network, the architectural load-carrying capacity, the technical Benefits and the community ethos of Bitcoin, are a convincing proof of its Superiority as an asset class for those looking for a repository of long-term Value. Bitcoin is digital Gold – harder, stronger, faster and smarter than any money that has preceded him. We assume that its value will increase with the advances in technology, the increasing acceptance and the network effect that has fueled the rise of so many of the killer categories in the modern Era, and.

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