Migration of miners to Bitcoin causes congestion in Bitcoin Cash

The congestion in the network Bitcoin Cash, you could be being caused a large migration of miners to the network of Bitcoin.If we analyze the data provided by the metrics of Coin Dance, it is possible to appreciate how the hashrate of Bitcoin Cash has declined. At 12 pm on 25 march, the hashrate of the network was between 4.9 PH/S (Peta-Hash per second). Currently, the processing power of the network is located in the 1.7 PH/S. In that sense, the lack of processing power of the network of Bitcoin Cash, inevitably makes the speed of the network will decrease considerably.On the other hand, the processing power of the network of BTC on the same day was 41 PH/S. This could be evidenced in a certain time of the day when they had about 20 blocks of transactions to be confirmed in the network of Bitcoin.For this march 26, the processing power of the network is found by the 116 PH/S, an indication that a migration of miners from BCH to this network occurred. It is worth to add that at the time of writing this note the network of Bitcoin does not display the same congestion experienced on the day of yesterday.The hashrate of Bitcoin Cash has declined. Source: Coin Dance.

Blocks of transactions have the same data

When you perform a comparison between the number of blocks found in the network of BTC and the network of BCH were observed interesting data. In the course of the day today in the network of Bitcoin could be found up to 7 blocks of transactions, in periods of 1 hour. While by the side of Bitcoin Cash only could find 1 block of transaction.Up to 7 blocks of transactions are executed in Bitcoin. Source: Coin Dance.It should be remembered that, normally, in both networks can be found up to 6 blocks of transactions in periods of 1 hour. What seems to be a mass migration, which may be related to the recent reduction of difficulty in the network of Bitcoin. This fact allows the miners to have more gains than before, with the same hashrate.It is as well as all the above-mentioned data suggest that the miners of BCH are taking advantage of the setting received on the difficulty of the network of Bitcoin. Though not necessarily it is a malicious action on the part of the miners, this migration generated a drop in the hashrate, which in turn resulted in congestion in the network BCH.

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