more efficiency and privacy to Bitcoin (BTC)

If you have about bitcoin is to read, it is about the price, but the technology is very interesting. In the short term, there are two important updates to the schedule: Taproot, and Schnorr. These updates have now been released as Bitcoin Improvement Protocol (BIP). This means that the community will soon go to the polls, or to the updates or not. But what are the Schnorr and the Taproot mean?

Schnorr signatures, be more effective and have more privacy

Bitcoin transactions can be signed using a digital signature. Schnorr signatures are the digital signatures, but is more efficient, and more privacygericht.
The idea behind Schnorr, that is, each transaction will have the same signature. This is how every transaction is pretty much the same.
That is good for privacy. With bitcoin, it is possible, for example, to create a transaction to send to a multisig wallet. Multisig means, literally, more than one signature. You will divide over the management of your bitcoin wallet, among different people, for example, you and your partner.
Previously, you could see it on the blockchain, then deal with the two different signatures. By Schnorr, are these signatures are grouped together into a single signature. You will not see any difference from any other type of transaction.
In addition, Schnorr signatures, make sure that there are more bitcoin transactions into a block, modify it. That’s because the signatures are also the costs. According to some estimates, is it possible to fit it with Schnorr 25 per cent to 30 per cent more transactions in a block. Schnorr will also ensure that there is an average of bitcoin transactions per second that can be processed.

Taproot, smart contracts with bitcoin

With bitcoin, it is possible to use smart contracts to carry out. A smart contract is a tool that automatically creates a task to run when certain conditions are met. A multisig wallet, where we just talked about, is an example of a smart contract is: Send only one transaction to two people to sign it.’
But smart contracts are to be publicly visible, and when they are carried out. And that’s not good for your privacy. Taproot lost in this, even for the most complex smart contracts, there will soon be as normal bitcoin transactions. You may or may not be more data to be found about the terms and conditions of a smart contract.

Taproot is working with a technology that is called the MAST, is a way to set the data encryption to encrypt the hashes. Each of the conditions of a smart contract is to be encrypted. Ultimately, it is the only way to see it is that there are all necessary conditions have been met, but does not meet any of the conditions. Knows that only the sender and the receiver.
Both the Taproot, the MAST, and Schnorr are to improve efficiency, and privacy on the bitcoin network. It will fit more transactions in a bitcoin block, and at the same time, there is more data to be kept hidden.
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