More Listings on U.S. stock exchanges could help course

Also, if you listen, in the meantime, after the Hack of the Trinity Wallet less of IOTA, can be its placement at Coinmarketcap see. The German flagship project, with space for 24 of the Top 25 of the Coins in the world. After all, why place 24? IOTA is very ambitious and innovative. In addition, it seems as if the project had grown out in the last few months of his infancy. A reason could be a few Listings on Crypto exchanges so that fewer people get the Chance to invest in IOTA. A new evaluation of the Crypto Rating Council (CRC) could provide the breakthrough for IOTA.

CRC is designed to help Exchanges when Listing

An important question when it comes to whether or not a Coin on a Crypto-exchange, will be listed, especially in the USA, and to the trade offered, is the question of whether the Coin is a paper or not. Because if he is traded and subsequently by the SEC as a securities will be classified, threaten legal proceedings, such as, for example, the company Ripple, what we are, the daily reported. This question for Crypto-companies and stock exchanges to clarify before a possible Listing, was set up in September 2019, the Crypto Rating Council (CRC). Members of the CRC, well-known Exchanges, such as Coinbase, Kraken, or Bittrex for example. The assessments made by the CRC are not legally binding, is intended to give the Crypto-exchanges, but a starting point for thinking about a credit Rating.Trade on the worlds leading Social Trading platform!Join the millions of people who have already discovered how it smarter to invest by copying the best investors in our Community, or be copied and as a result, a second income can be achieved. Start now!

IOTA is probably not worth the paper

Also IOTA has now been assessed by the CRC and obtained a value of 2.00. Thus, the Council considers it unlikely that IOTA of regulatory authorities, as classified by the SEC as a securities. The assessment of range of CRC is between 1.00 and 5.00, which IOTA is located at the lower end of the rating scale.In a Blog Post IOTA took to the ratings and hoped for, obviously, more credibility by the Crypto-exchanges in the USA:

With our Crypto Ratings Council Rating we believe that the U.S. market and the partner organisations of the CRC will feel more comfortable and confident, if you study the IOTA-Token and the Protocol.

The Crypto exchange Bittrex has the Rating of the CRC for the occasion IOTA taken to admit to list and to trading free. The Exchange announced via a Twitter post.

Impact on the IOTA course?

Both the IOTA Foundation, as well as IOTA Fans hope to gain more attention from the Crypto Community, and in particular the investors. As the above example from Bittrex shows, are not only vain hopes, but could quickly become reality. This is associated with a long-term increase in the IOTA course would go. But why is it so?First of all, more Listings on Crypto-exchanges ensure that potentially more investors and traders access to trade with IOTA have. In theory, at least to a certain degree would have to increase, the demand for IOTA. If the demand for more Listings and more investors, which increases want to invest in the project, should according to the Textbook, in the long run, the price will rise.Whether that will actually happen, it must, of course, out yet. Nevertheless, the evaluation of the CRC and the inroads that Bittrex is a very positive sign for the IOTA.

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