More than 11.5 million bitcoins ‘to sleep’ in spite of the price increase of up to 85% – BTC, Right

In the past few years have been 11,58 million bitcoins will not be sent, sold and / or moved. This is evident from an analysis of the Rhytm, he looked at all of the active bitcoin recipient addresses. He points out that this is special, not least because the price of bitcoin, with an 85% increase over the same period.
Rhytm shows that you are viewing in the chart below. The red line represents the number of bitcoins that will be established.

Why is there nothing with the bitcoins?

However, if the price in the past year, 85% has gone up, why is that coin will not be sold or traded? The price will just be ignored? There are different views on the spread. Not to crazy about it, because that is 11,58 million bitcoins are spread out over thousands, if not millions, of wallets.

The lost coin

According to some estimates, more than 3 million in bitcoins lost forever. This is because people keep their private keys are lost, or simply forgotten about. Because of this, no one has access to those coins. Also, are there any bitcoiners who, unfortunately, passed away, and their passwords are not shared with their family and friends.
And 3 million is for many people, even a sense of optimism. They think that it is a real number, also known as the 4 million in bitcoins may have been. That’s almost 20% of the total bitcoin supply. According to the tools of the there are as of march 1, 2015 and 4 million in bitcoins without being disturbed in several places. It could just be that the passwords are wiped out.
At this time, there was a little more than 18 million in bitcoins gemined, and have been for 11.5 million in bitcoins for over a year, not touched, or 64%, of all of the available bitcoins have already been not moved at all. In total, there are only 3 million in bitcoins from you, until there are 21 million gemined it.
However, you lost a coin in will ensure that your bitcoins a bit scarce.

HODL for life

The other possibility is that a large part of that is for 11.5 million in bitcoins from HODL’ers are. They have to have bitcoins to invest for the long term, as long as they already have as an investment. This is because there are several different reasons to get your coins, now is not to give up. It is here that speculators between them, which is hoping for a quick large amount of fiat. Also, there are some people who have bitcoin and see it as an insurance policy against economic hard times. As to why some of the people in the gold release.
And then there’s the bitcoinmaximalisten who believe that bitcoin is a globally accepted currency.
There is a popular hashtag for the HODL’ers, and that is the #stackingsats, or the accumulation of satoshi’s. It is most popular in the private bitcoinmaximalisten.
Part of that is for 11.5 million in bitcoins belonging to exchanges and other businesses, which have a lot of bitcoins as a reserve or reserves to maintain.

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