more than $150 million in bitcoin futures contracts are traded

In Binance, there is more than $150 million in bitcoin (BTC) currency futures are traded. This is evident from the data that a Reddit user has shared. It is a speculative product, it is still by invitation only but is accessible to traders

Bitcoin (BTC) currency futures,

A futures contract allows you to as a trader will speculate a lower or a higher price of bitcoin. You are sweet and that is in fact borrowed money from a third party, in this case, the Binance.
That would make a service like this is also a risky business and only suitable for experienced traders and not beginners. As one of the options that is a trader is the use of a lever, up to a maximum of 20. This means that a person’s initial investment by up to a factor of 20 can be increased.
As soon as a trade loses, you will lose your initial investment and build up your debt.
in the future, you enter into a contract with the Binance. Here to talk with each other and that there will be a certain amount of bitcoin (BTC) buy it at a certain price and point in time.
Also, are there any differences in the market: it’s not a case of “one size fits all,” or a market order.

Binance testnetten

Binance last week, two of the testnetten was launched with the name of the Futures A and B, traders have to have invitation to have access.
This week it published a Reddit user, and a position of the volume of the futures contracts.
In a 24-hour, to more than $151 million, which are expressed in the Tether (USDT) on the contracts are closed.

Plagiarism is?

With the launch of the testnetten was not without its problems. So, accusing the leader BitMEX Binance of plagiarism. The text of the new futures contracts proved to be identical to that of BitMEX.

CEO, Changpeng ‘CZ’ Zhao was quick to tweet to the counter and gave the error is in: we have missed in the due diligence process.

The organization’s focus for the next few weeks in the primary at the start of the Binance US that within the next few weeks ” is going to take place.
From the 12th of september (tomorrow) is the closed to U.s. investors.

Futures market: BitMEX market leader

The volume of what is Binance now, the futures are running, it is not the market leader BitMEX a daily basis at the volume it does.
The derivatenbeurs in hong Kong, founded by the eccentric Englishman, Arthur Hayes, was more than $3 billion in volume in the past 24 hours, as you can see from the benchmark.
OKex will follow at the proper distance with close to one billion euros in shares traded. The Dutch Deribit came up to 366 thousand in the volume of the previous day.

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