Mp calls for a criptomoneda to the argentine province of Mendoza

In the argentine province of Mendoza, member of parliament Josephine Canale is in favor of the creation of a criptomoneda own of the province, issued by the government of mendoza province. His idea is to isolate with this currency, the economic performance of Mendoza, wrote this Monday, march 2 on his Twitter account.In his message, Canale said he was studying the subject, based on the idea of a “criptopeso” for Argentina, but that would only apply to Mendoza. In this regard, the official said that the criptomoneda would be issued by the provincial government, which in turn would have to be given a boost by accepting the payment of taxes with this currency.The publication of the mep generated over a hundred responses, between which there were conflicting positions. While there were many expressions of support to the initiative, various answers came loaded with counterproposals to the idea of Canale. One of the main, the adoption of the use of any criptomoneda already existing, instead of backing a currency issued in a centralized manner by the government of the province.Also, some users alerted the deputy to the possibility of committing errors with a proposal such as this. For example, compared the initiative with the issuance of the petro in Venezuela. They also criticized the possibility that the criptomoneda was supported in argentinean pesos, to which Canale clarified that it would not be the case.On the other hand, Mariano di Pietra, representative in Latin america of the Founding MakerDAO, considered the proposal non-viable. For him, such an initiative would be frowned on by the Central Bank of the Republic of Argentina (BCRA) and the legislative power.Finally, Canale stated that it is studying the matter with the intention to prepare a draft law. In that sense, it was not determined any kind of time frame. What was recognized is that such an initiative will meet a lot of resistance. “Above all knowledge”, he added.

Do a weight digital for Argentina?

Just a few weeks ago, the former president of the Central Bank of Argentina (BCRA), the economist Martín Redrado, suggested via Twitter the creation of a “weight digital” emulate other proposals of cryptocurrencies national, using as an example the case of China.The great criticism of the proposal was precisely the centralized character of the proposed Redrado. For those who interacted with the publication, a weight digital issued by the Central Bank would not be more than a mechanism of control. In that sense, they expressed their preference for the use of bitcoin, whose decentralized nature gives greater freedoms to its users.In the case of the idea of the Canale, it remains to be seen what it would become the hypothetical bill. For the moment, the mp has been considered a criptomoneda anchored or stablecoin, although we have not settled on a final proposal.

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