Nearly half of the Chinese miners are expected, bitcoin price is 12,000 usd to BTC Instantly

RockX has all of the major Chinese miningbedrijven to their expectations and the a period of time after the halving required. The most important conclusions of this report are that they don’t expect the hashrate is changing, and that more than one-half believe that there are a lot of new investors will get in.
Also remember a lot of miners that the price is going to go up.

What does this do to the price?

Of the surveyed Chinese mine workers, 45% are of the opinion that the price in the next six months, between 10,000 and 12,000 dollars and will be. About 14% of them believe that bitcoin has a value of more than $ 15,000 will be given. Only 24% of the respondents expect that the bitcoinkoers, not much will change, and it is around the $ 10,000 will remain.
Of all the Chinese bitcoinminers predicted a 57% is a large number of buyers over the next six months. This seems to be in sync with the halving.

Computing doesn’t take off

Also, most of the miners are of the opinion that the available computing power in the bitcoinnetwerk and after the halving is similar to now. This will be between 110 and 130 exahashes per day.
Many of the Chinese miners are expecting that the profitability of Bitmain’s Antminer S9 will be maintained, despite the fact that the reward to miners is halved, in about a week. The Anminer S9, it is, perhaps, the most popular miner in the market, but in terms of the energy use is not very efficient.

Energy cost to compensate

Miners are expecting that the high cost of energy offset just by a cheap energy to use. In July it is the wet season in China, and it is expected that the hydropower plants have a lot of cheap energy will be available.
This shift in emphasis could help the sales of the Bitmains ’Antminer S9 at this level.
RockX said that 42 of the largest and most important miningbedrijven from Asia, have been interviewed. They say they have spoken with the chief executive officer of F2Pool, Yu-Chao, Wayne His of Pandaminer, and the chief executive officer of OXBTC Wilson I. Also, would they be a Fan Xiaojun, have been interviewed, s / he is responsible for the sales of Bitmain’s miningmachines.

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