Negative interest rates will not cause a collapse of the financial system

Mario Draghi is the president of the European Central Bank (ECB). He was one of the men who were in the driving seat when it comes to the euro and thus Europe. The ECB came out earlier today, however, with a remarkable quote: ‘negative interest rates do not cause a collapse of the financial system.

If you say so..

As such, the ECB said it, then it will be true… There’s a rule to have been, to say the least qualms about it, negative interest rates and ” quantitative geldverruiming. In fact, this is one of the reasons why bitcoin is such a flight is a group of the world’s population.
Quantitative geldverruiming to money creation by a central bank, so the money gets printed as a result. With that money, securities such as government bonds that are purchased. The same government bonds now offer negative interest rates on.
This is considered to be an emergency measure in order to be a currency, a stable price in order to keep up. In the past, a crisis has already been applied. And that, it seems to re-occur, yet there really is a global crisis.


The responses to the tweet have been mainly from bitcoiners. It is, of course, do not agree with this statement.
We’re going to see what the future holds for us. But also in terms of the euro, there is a lot that can be done. If you want to participate in this game, you might want to consider some in bitcoin to. But, if you are a citizen of Europe, will you, directly or indirectly, to deal with the consequences of such action.
The monetary-policy of bitcoin is clear and simple, and does not depend on the location and status of the central bank. However, it is still a high risk investment, so just be warned.


A survey of the bitcoin of the fields on Twitter.
Bitcoin has been slow to the market value of the altcoins on the opslurpen. We are going to be even higher than the 70 per cent earlier this month.
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Do you want to impact the world of bitcoin? This is a piece of cake: get to Craigh Wright is angry. Jameson Lopp is an old school bitcoiner, and of his critical opinion, Twitter is on fire.
There is an element of truth in this quote. The best example of this has been a podcaster for Peter McCormack. He asked Wright for help, and was even able to come up with a complaint. Wright is such a hated person in the world of BTC , it would be easy to score on.
What Bitcoin This podcast was very popular, but all around, this soap has a McCormack, a much greater range been given. He has to post his / her income each and every month on Twitter. It’s a hassle and has no money put in. McCormack place is now a regular for more than a ton of to get.

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