NEO Blockchain Party – 3 new products presented at Community meeting

Blockchain and crypto-currencies have many applications. In addition to the aspect of the “Store of Value” that is often attributed to Bitcoin, you can hear again and again from Smart Contracts, decentralized Apps, so-called dApps, and other decentralized applications. In precisely this application of wealth even NEO, with his Blockchain file and is therefore referred to often as the Chinese Ethereum and China’s leading Blockchain project. Now, NEO3 and 3 was presented to new products.

NEO celebrates – Big visions for the next Generation Internet

Currently held in Shanghai, China, a week-long Community event of the NEO. There the press will find daily conferences and round table discussions around the Chinese Blockchain project. A perfect occasion to show, to what the last few months has worked great innovations. The thought that There Hongfei and presented at a press conference Neo3 and 3 new NEO products.Neo’s self-stated goal behind their products is always to make the Blockchain with your options to apply. As a complete Revision of the NEO2 NEO3 aims of the three pillars for a large-scale commercial Blockchain-use building: high reliability, high throughput and Big Data. To create the Vision of the Foundation for the next Generation Internet. With NEO3, NEO will provide enhanced scalability, functionality, and user experience to help developers, and to develop Blockchain-innovations for the future.You don’t want to buy Bitcoin, you know, but where? To decide the right provider is not always easy. Therefore, we recommend that you take the time to look at our Bitcoin Broker & exchanges comparison. Often several providers are already required to really get all the Cryptos to cover. See for yourself: Bitcoin Broker & stock exchange compared with that now read.

NEO introduces 3 new products – rate driver, or non-starter?

To meet these requirements, provides NEO with its newly introduced products, improved stability, data storage capability, and an optimized Transaction Per Second Output (TPS). This is Neo at the 3 newly introduced products specifically:”……One“: A complete solution for the NEO Blockchain development: simplified development and programming for dApps….FS“: build a decentralized data storage system…Blockchain Tool Kit“: enables developers using Microsoft Visual Studio to a comprehensive range of Smart Contracts access.At the launch of the new products, the founder said Hongfei the following:

Since our establishment in the year 2014, the NEO is constantly visions into reality, by driving innovation in partnership with our developers progress. This spirit of innovation, we have convened our first-ever NEO Community meeting, to celebrate our launch and to promote the cooperation between our Ecosystem. By coming together, we look forward to enable our developers to realise the Blockchain innovations at the company level, and to create the basis for the next Generation Internet.

There is much in Neo is doing so. You may be curious as to how you products in the next few months continue to be developed and whether the new developments are also in the NEO course reflect.We also have an Interview with the founder Since Hongfei NEO led. Here you will find more information and exciting Insights to the NEO and the future of the project:What do you think of the new Neo products? You Neo-think can win the race against Ethereum? Come in to our Telegram Chat and talk with the experts and the Community. Subscribe to our News channel to not miss any News. (Image Source: Shutterstock)

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