NEO, Chainlink, the Nasdaq, Who Hashgraph, IBM, ING, Microsoft, are working together to build a standard Breaking News

The InterWork Alliance (IWA) will take place on 2 June to formally launched as a not-for-profit organization that focuses on the design and production of standaardkaders for the token. Think of the blockchain ecosystem, where the tokens have a large role to play.

Distributed applications have the potential to be, worldwide, the economy is improving, but the break-up of the different platforms, ensuring that solutions are not to scale, may be used.

Of all of the tokens to make

In a press release, the InterWork Alliance (IWA) to let us know that the concept of a token-based economy is much more promising is the distributed application that have to have the ability to see the world economy is changing.

The IWA notes, however, that a variety of platformtypes and their widespread availability, the use of ‘tokenization’, a token-based assets, and other related systems are damaged. The consortium is of the opinion that it is better and more detailed standaardkaders companies will be able to reach a consensus on a distributed business model. There is no need for companies to also have no time to spend on selecting a token model.

Well-known companies

The InterWork Alliance will define the standards for the construction of distributed applications, including the appropriate framework for the tokenizen of items of value, write the contracts for these tokens, and how to deal with the privacy of a business.

There are a lot of companies that are members of the Alliance, among others, our Company, Who Hashgraph, NEO-global, development, IBM, Microsoft, Nasdaq, and the Chainlink. The IWA says that all interested participants will be invited to join the alliance, and the token-based economy.

What is a token

IWA chairman, Ron Resnick claims that the companies all over the world are looking for models that are token-based, with no platform in mind. To this end, standards must be carefully developed and tested, will be included in the definition of what a token is, and how blockchain-based contracts work.

He adds to that:

The Alliance was established to serve as an organization where the essential work is carried out. Through technology and innovative business leaders work together to bring to be able to market-driven specifications to be written which are needed in order to facilitate cooperation. With a well-established, standard approach to win the trust of the consumer.

Freely, but cannot be converted to

The whole idea behind all of tokenizen is that anything of value can be converted to a digital token. Some of the tokens are the same and interchangeable, just like any coin can be used. The other tokens are unique and not interchangeable, such as a token, with which you can demonstrate to be the owner of a unique piece of art. You can change the ownership of a kunsttoken’t sell it for any other tokens or cash.

This means that it is very important that everyone agree on what a token is, the extent to which the value is to be secured.

Marley Gray, chief architect at Microsoft, and the IWA’s chairman, says:

It provides a forum in which participants from the industry, the use of real-world use cases. They are a very diverse group, I think it will improve the efficiency of the carbon market, or of finance.

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