NEO (NEO) Council Announces Development Competition Results

NEO (NEO) Council Announces Development Competition Results

SEATTLE, Washington – The monthly update for February and March has been posted by the NEO (NEO) council.   This council is known as the overseer of the NEO blockchain framework. The updates include NEO’s consensus nodes on TestNet, collaborations with different entities across Asia and Europe, and closing the first NEO development competition.

The teams behind the successful consensus nodes on TestNet are the city of Zion and KPN. The city of Zion is composed of open source developers, while KPN is a known telecommunication provider across the globe. They recorded an outstanding 100% uptime and seamless node upgrades.

They encountered few bumps at the beginning such as P2P issues not to mention the delay in block times due to the amount of traffic in the nodes from China. But this issue was immediately addressed and sorted.

According to NEO Council, NEO also launched their first hackathons back in February: START Hack and HackCU. Polychain bagged the overall prize and won the NEO challenge for START Hack. They contributed to making charitable contributions more trustworthy and steadfast.

On the other hand, another project that also focuses on a charity called NeoCharity won HackCU NEO challenge. Their project aims to record all tokens and queries received to identify who is behind the transaction and tagged account.  The first prize for HackCU and best beginner hack prize were both awarded to FixItChain.

A token with an amount of 500 GAS was given to the winners of the hackathon. This will enable developers to position their project on the MainNet or use it as starting capital.

Fifty of 500 project signups finally passed the quality checks and earned appreciation from NEO’s rewards pool. The NEO development competition lasted for 5 months and was co-organized by Microsoft China. NEO (NEO) Council reported that the four finalists were Elight, LootMarkets, Nachomen, Treatail and the Non-Fungible Token Smart Contract Template. The finished projects released their source codes via Github for free.

A project called NEO Sponsor Giveback Plan is being planned, and it aims to return the original amount of contributions to the early sponsors. The records and calculations have been finalized, and the project is waiting to be rolled out. NEO (NEO) Council’s updates for succeeding months will be posted soon.

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