Neo (NEO): Here Is Why NEO Coin Could Be Your Safe Bet for 2018

Neo (NEO): Here Is Why NEO Coin Could Be Your Safe Bet for 2018

BOSTON, Mass. – Traders and investors are finding more reasons to invest into coins, and the most common bet in the market presently is the NEO Coin. Should the bull continue to run, NEO is anticipated by experts to reach new heights. Its community is growing strong daily, and its features and technology are rapidly improving.

NEO, formerly known as Antshares, has been under watch by investors since 2016. However, when the coin was first founded, it did not make much noise until it was announced that the government of China would be in cooperation with its development, thus earning them the nickname “Chinese Ethereum,” which has now been rebranded to “NEO.” This news caught the attention of many speculators.

Its platform is flexible and easy to use, most especially for developers. It utilizes different programming languages like Python, Java, VN.Net, Kotlin, F#, and C#.

Moreover, NEO stands out due to the fact that it uses a different consensus known as the Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance (dBFT) which prohibits forks and reduces the likelihood of the system to split up.

NEO Coin also grabbed the attention of investors because of its platform’s transaction speed. Compared to Ethereum and Bitcoin’s low but expensive transaction, NEO can accommodate transactions as many as 10,000 per second.

This crypto isn’t merely eyeing growth from a short-term perspective, but it is also poised to invest into the future of cryptocurrency. As quantum computers prepare for launch, NEO has already prepared itself to be quantum resistant instead of simply being quantum resilient. This is to protect the whole community from quantum computers’ ability to break cryptography.

Furthermore, NEO is closely aligned to ICOs because it allows projects to kick-start their tokens on the platform. Besides that, when it comes to trading, NEO incorporates an easier process compared to others. One can purchase NEO from big-time crypto exchanges like Binance, Qryptos, BigONE, and many more. However, it still cannot be purchased by USD; an investor has to purchase Ethereum or Bitcoin that transacts in USD and then purchase NEO from the aforementioned exchanges.

NEO is currently at $69.49 over the past 24 hours with the probability of going higher due to the 6.94% positive indication. It appears that NEO Coin is going to make headlines again in the foreseeable future.

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