New BTC-theory: Was (or is) the Bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto is a German?

There is a genius, and no one knows who it is – where the focus is so far on the excellent Coders as a potential candidate.
Nevertheless, for a long time, there has been a small debate about whether the ingenious (or most difficult) was part of the development of Bitcoin, the concept or the Coding of this concept.
We will escape from this Dilemma, as they do in many Parts of the social Sciences, we assume that it is probably a bit of both. Which means that the Design has the same importance as the Code.
And the Design is a story that is told in a Code, and this story is first of all, if not entirely, a German story.

The forgotten German gods

At least since the 90s, the United States is actually the world, and the world is the United States.
Extremely effective, almost total Propaganda from Hollywood movies, to music, to news channels – has created the impression that American culture is THE culture and ONLY the culture and the BEST culture, so to speak, by THE way.
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This also applies to the question of money. The Chicago School of Economics and other American schools sing like a choir for the past few decades, a particular Dogma.
Their productive printing machines and its thriving economy have supported an endless army of a single class of economic science, and brought forth – and argue that the debt system is the best and only System, and there is no Alternative.
In many American educational institutions to the McCarthyism-like atmosphere makes dissent, the exploration of ideas, the expression of opinion, or any deviation from the Dogma to a great sin.
So it was for decades only a possibility of how the economy works in theory, or should work was – until the collapse of the banking system in 2008, the start of a great “battle of ideas”.

The German way

Among these monuments, the greet majority of the world with predictable and repetitive frequency, is to forget the influence of the German culture forgivable easily. Beethoven, you don’t need to say.
The country began what was to become the enlightenment. Gutenberg, Luther, and the deciphering Immanuel Kant.
Germany’s business schools differ greatly from American schools. The debt is not valid in Germany as the bad, good. Money is an objective thing, not a political tool.
We leave the exploration of the German thinking and the German contribution to the economy of the readers, because our goal is not to adjudicate these debates, but simply to note that in Germany, an entirely different type prevails, to theorize about the economy.
And therefore, one can argue that the Bitcoin inventor is unlikely to an American, much more likely he could be German – and it is probably also.
With English we my not need for a native German or in the present-day geographic Germany, and we don’t mean that he was not born in America, because that very well might be.
So, what is it? We believe that he is with the German school of Economics and the German economic thinking are closely familiar, and that he has set, probably in a German environment, so apart.


It is easy to imagine that such a Code-the invention could not be produced by anyone other than an American or British because they invented the Computer and the Internet and have come the furthest.
However, it is difficult to see why a Brit or American does not want to save the currently, of course, faulty financial system, instead of going on a journey, which rejects it.
Once again: the majority of The Bitcoin-Coder comes from the Anglo-Saxons. You can forget Germany and our highly developed culture, which is very different and also very independent from the Anglo-Saxon art.
Berlin is the epicenter of Hacker, and by that we mean the Leet Coder. A refuge from the even Snowden wanted to flee before he was detained in Moscow.
The merger and the right of great spirits, who in the last two decades, Germany in some ways to a modern America.

Nakamoto, the German?

Satoshi, a Name that was probably copied from Pokemon. Speaks in British English, but not quite, probably because he knew no real difference between British English and American English. For many outside of the two countries, it is simply English.
Flawless English, because it is in writing master is relatively easy, especially for someone from a country where English in the primary school is taught. Also: German GMX-E-Mail.
A little cautious and privacy-conscious as well as able to divert government Surveillance. A typical German now, or an American in Germany.
In Code is pretty much the German school of monetary theory. Also this Code shows the weaknesses of the American school of the debt-to-money.
The sovereignty over the global monetary claims. Explains, in fact, that there are for the globe and the world more than America.
And then he disappears, knowing that America is still at the top.
And yet he has not struck, however, in a threatening way. Rather with a kind of battle of ideas, virtually the thunder of the statement: There are many ways in a cul-de-SAC, but only a way to the light.
Of course, can be wrong Nakamoto and the whole of the “German school”. But this school exists now, at least – as well as the resulting ideas do it.
It is, therefore, written history, and we are once again the ones that you write – not the dead men of the past or the priests of the present, but the intellect of living people.
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