New service facilitates the purchase and sale of real estate with bitcoin in Spain

Manuel González Betancor has for sale a villa in the municipality of el Sauzal, north Tenerife in Spain, for 45 bitcoins. His story has generated a buzz in the media, because it is something unusual. However, the story of Manuel came to light in public as part of the launch of the new service Bit2Me, the platform of exchange of cryptocurrencies for the Spanish market, which now has a specialized portal for the sale and purchase of real estate.A look through some sites of classified ads in Spain, shows that each time there are more owners that accept bitcoin as a form of payment for the sale of a property. As part of this trend, Bit2Me announced in its blog the launch of Real Estate to OTC, a platform that provides legal assistance for negotiations of the purchase of dwellings, using bitcoins.In his blog post, the company explains that the service Bit2Me Real Estate to OTC, includes all of the parts of the proper execution of the contract of sale, as offers assistance with legal, fiscal and commercial. In addition, the platform ensures that, before a notary, stability in the price of bitcoin during its conversion to euros, with the idea of avoiding fluctuations during the negotiation.

Bitcoin as a cost-effective alternative

In a radio interview transmitted via the chain to BE of Spain, Manuel González explained the reasons that motivated him to sell his property by accepting bitcoin as a means of payment exclusive.

One of the reasons why I wanted to put the product on sale through this criptomoneda is because in some way the scope of your market is global, not just local. That you can buy a japanese or a Korean. It gives Me the impression that the market is going to go there, so I am not the first. Already in Tarragona has been sold to a property, then I want to be the second and probably, if work, as there will be other cases.Manuel Gonzalez, seller.

Manuel confessed that she learned of the existence of bitcoin thanks to a friend that in the year 2013 she told him how it was that I had chosen to trust in the criptomoneda, so he decided that the best way to invest in bitcoin is by becoming a hodler.

This property could sell in euros, it would be a transaction normal, but I wanted to bet on this, for a technology that I think he is going to impose in the future and that it will be a means of payment, every time and every day, what are we going to know more and in all areas. In the real estate sector we are a few that we’re wanting to venture out in this story, but it gives me the impression that you can be a big trend.Manuel Gonzalez, seller.

Breaking News reported in January of 2018, in Spain we conducted the first sale of a property with bitcoin as a means of payment, negotiation of which involved the real estate agency Mr. Floor. The value of the housing was 40 BTC and its sale materialized at the end of 2017. However, Inmolead was actually the first Spanish real estate company that only accepted bitcoins as a method of payment, but operated for only one year and exited the market in 2018.Another trend that is catching on in Spain with bitcoin as a form of payment is the portal CryptoCribs, that offers apartments for short stays in the style of AirBnB. Currently includes seven buildings in the country of the iberian peninsula.Last July Bit2Me was also in news for the launch of its product Bit2Me DEX, a house of change of third-generation, as they themselves described to the platform, to trading, including the trading of tokens in the network Ethereum.

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