News Bitcoin last minute for this Sunday

We begin this Sunday with the news Bitcoin in the last hour. Starting with its price, since BTC has a price of USD 9.203, according to our tool Crypto Online, at the time of the writing of the article. Is this important given that the criptomoneda leader of the market has had a variation decreased -0.65% in the last 24 hours. Which is consistent with the recent analysis published by one of our analysts. Which suggests that Bitcoin is put the 10k in the short term to welcome you to the 9K.

Bassist of Coldplay is immersed in the depths of Bitcoin

We continue with the news Bitcoin last minute to discover another famous that you are interested in the world of cryptocurrencies. The bearish star of Coldplay, Guy Berryman, is supporting the startup, scottish, cryptocurrencies, Juice, which recently launched its new application for smart phones. The Fintech scottish Juice aims to bring the cryptocurrencies to the masses with a new wallet mobile payments. This Fintech has the support of the bass player of Coldplay, Guy Berryman among its investors.

Juice comes to any part of the world

Their platform aims to be as easy to use as the popular exchange Coinbase, but much cheaper and faster. In particular, it also gives the users the control of their private keys, unlike so many wallets rivals. To date, the star of Coldplay, whose fortune is estimated at $ 90 million, had not shown any interest in the cryptocurrencies. However, with this support, seems to be immersed in Bitcoin and the criptos. In addition, next to his collection of Bugattis and Porsches, and you already have the car a favorite of the ecosystem of cryptocurrencies, a Lamborghini. For his part, Nick Jones, CEO and founder of Juice, said recently that: “The Covid-19 has caused rapidly the movement to a cashless society to change by ways that are safe and easy to invest in alternatives that are more resilient to crisis like this”.

“Juice allows people to exchange, store, send and use your own money online without the need of a bank account.”

Finally, got to know that in the next few weeks, Juice will add support for GBP and EUR within the platform. In addition, they announced a debit card without contact convertible that you can use in the stores.

Layer1 lance batteries of BTC to stabilize power grids

The operator of the data center for mining Bitcoin (BTC) with headquarters in EE. UU. Layer1 Technologies has deployed its containers of mining as “Batteries Bitcoin” that include energy storage systems on a large scale. Layer1 claims that their batteries Bitcoin will help to stabilize the energy market volatile seasonal from Texas, to release electricity to meet the demand. “By centralizing the consumption and the release of multiple megawatts per container data center, the Batteries Bitcoin of Layer1 stabilize the energy networks of national and local who often suffer from the shocks of the demand”, stated the company through a publication. With the installation of the batteries of Bitcoin, the cofounder and CEO of Layer1, Alexander Liegl, says that the mining company is “the first company in the world mining industry of Bitcoin that can reduce large amounts of consumption of energy in times of need of the market and to cast it to the network with a push of a button”.

The revolution of BTC in Africa, a documentary that premiered

We end the news Bitcoin of last-minute checking of Amazon Prime premiered a documentary about the revolution of Bitcoin in Africa. The part of 47 minutes was released as “Banking on Africa: The Bitcoin Revolution”, directed by Tamarin Gerriety. Which shows the extent of adoption of crypto in the continent. The play shows how Bitcoin, and the cryptocurrencies in general, are moving in the financial system. The work highlights the virtues of the digital assets to overcome challenges related to poor infrastructure, mismanagement or misappropriation of resources, and the problem of the high fees of sending money. The documentary account in addition to a report of 37 pages, which allows viewers to delve into “the state of the cryptocurrencies in Africa” and to do a follow-up of the topics covered in the film.

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