News Petro: The highlight of the week

The criptomoneda venezuela, the Petro (PTR), is surrounded by secrets. But this week has been a bit of a move, both for the ecosystem of the crypto state, as the world of oil that surrounds it. For this reason, here we bring to you the News Petro: the highlight of the week.

News Petro: The highlight of the week

Iran vs. United States

As is known, the price of Petro depends on the price of the oil reserves in venezuela. In addition to their reserves of gold and diamonds. Just this week, there has been a great conflict between Iran ?? and the united States ??. Because the Persian country has sent 5 ships loaded with gasoline and other additives for the manufacture of fuel in Venezuela. This has caused a wave of threats between the united States and Iran, and in the middle of it all has been Venezuela ??. The south american country is going through a hard time, because of fuel shortages each day is aggravated more. Due in large part to the slackness and poor management that has had the government of Nicolas Maduro, as well as the lack of investment and u.s. sanctions to the only national oil company. This mix has ensured that Venezuela is unable to find any type of derivative of oil, and that, moreover, its production is in free fall. This is only in the political context. But, within the world of the same PTR have been a series of major events this week. This is why we bring you the news of Petro’s highlights of the week.

News Petro: PTR lived a Hard Fork

As we reported in CriptoTendencia, the platform Petro would experience a scheduled shutdown for maintenance, according to Sunacrip. Users nearby this criptomoneda, began to expand the seed of doubt, therefore, that maintenance not previously announced. However, once the platform came on line, was observed in the browser of blocks of the Petro a new block genesis. Which has the date of the same day that the system went into maintenance. This “block genesis” marks the birth of a new stage in the criptomoneda. It was demonstrated that the maintenance is not announced was because it made profound changes in the Petro. Which are not compatible with the characteristics of past PTR. Another sign that the Petro has been changed from feet to head, is the fact that users of PetroApp must update their address criptobilletera. Up to now, there has been no official statement regarding the update that would have completely changed the Petro.

The PetroApp was up-to-date

Another of the highlights has to do with the PetroApp. And is that, in this same trip out-of-line is not scheduled, where they updated completely to the Petro, also made some updates to the portals of the users.

Among the improvements, if you were informed by the team behind the Petro, reference is made to the registration and validation of users, login and the dashboard, which show the improvement is quite marked compared to the previous version. In addition, it has been included a searcher of transactions PetroApp/ PetroApp and a minimum amount of transaction. In addition, the “Petro Calculator”, a portal dedicated exclusively to the conversion of the criptoactivo with coins fiduciary in real time, and the official price, including the euro, us dollar, yuan, and cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin, Litecoin and DASH, has also experienced a new more intuitive interface, and fast.

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