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The startup british Bottle Pay made a donation to the public of $ 100 in BTC for the event.After Caracas, San Felipe and Barquisimeto, it’s up to the capital aragueña, in the center of the country.Satoshi in Venezuela continues to visit various cities in venezuela. Now, the capital of Aragua, Maracay, where they held the fifth meetup of the organization, since October, is carrying out meetings of this nature in different cities of the country.The team of Bottle Pay, a company in the Uk specialized in micro-payment and management of bitcoins on the Lightning Network, decided to donate $ 100 in BTC to Satoshi in Venezuela for the realization of this event, both to support the development of the activity, such as to celebrate being the first project to reach 100 votes in the list of applications in Lightning, Lapps.This was announced on last year’s team through his official account on the social network Twitter:

The impact of the project has been left to notice little by little, both in Venezuela and outside the borders of the south american country.This meetup Satoshi in Venezuela will be held in the Chamber of Commerce and Industries, located at avenida Las Delicias, the garden city. May attend up to 40 people at the event. As has become a rule in these events, the entry will be completely free, and those interested in acquiring them can be applied here.To perform this event, Satoshi in Venezuela with the support of Bitcoin Center Miami, Blockstream, Ledn, Bull Bitcoin, Panda Group, LocalBitcoin, HodlHodl, Bottle Pay, Samourai Wallet, TuAgencia24, who enthusiastically have supported the development of the project. This initiative seeks to provide tools and information to attendees to investigate and inquire independently about Bitcoin.And is that, from the beginning, the main objective of Satoshi in Venezuela has been to present to the venezuelan people, a powerful tool, especially in the economic context that they live the venezuelans, with the depreciation dizzying the legal currency of the country in the caribbean, offering the possibility of creating a stable community in each city, and why not, all over the country.To find out about how to attend the meetup, MCY_04, you can follow us on our social networks and if you want to visit your city, university, school, or neighborhood, send us an e-mail to (email protected)For further information, please consult the following links:Twitter:
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