Nick Spanos and Leigh Acct invited to the IV Cycle of meetings of Satoshi in Venezuela

Key facts:

Satoshi in Venezuela begins a new cycle of meetings, this time with international guests.

Representatives of various areas of influence in Bitcoin to share their knowledge and ideas.

Starting this Monday, June 15, Satoshi in Venezuela begins a new cycle of digital meetings to talk about Bitcoin. This time, with several international guests and even, passing directly in English. This is the sixth edition of these activities that seek to continue deepening in the discovery of Bitcoin, even in the context of the pandemic and the social distancing.

The organization has established a good network of contacts in more than 8 months of existence that has the project. That’s why, in addition to adding partners, have also been able to invite representatives of various areas of influence in Bitcoin to share their thoughts and knowledge about this technology. To participate you only need to connect to the YouTube channel of Satoshi in Venezuela.

This sixth cycle will have many international guests. Monday, from 1:00 p. m. (GMT-4), the pioneer of Bitcoin, Nick Spanos, founder of Bitcoin Center in Miami and Chairman of Blockchain Center; in collaboration with Jorge Cortés, advisor to Latam of the Blockchain Center Miami, will talk about the vision of the community of bitcoiners in Miami and Latin america, presenting the Bitcoin Center Miami, a major center of technological and social on the costa mayamera.

On Tuesday, from 1:00 p. m. (GMT-4) Satoshi in Venezuela will receive the reporter from CoinDesk, Leigh, Acct. Acct is one of the most active researchers and reporters of the industry, the media specialized in Bitcoin and the cryptocurrencies, with a large career research on controversial issues, such as the use of Bitcoin in areas of conflict, and even, on the relationship of this criptomoneda with human rights. With it we will talk about his career, his other projects and his opinion on the exercise of this office in the industry. The transmission will be in English.

In addition, the researcher and programmer, Jesus Lara will meet with Satoshi in Venezuela to discuss the technological challenges of Venezuela for the adoption of more deep of Bitcoin. How is prepared the infrastructure? Is there enough penetration of digital? Is there political will for the venezuelan people to use alternatives to the systems that might exclude them? This and more, discuss it with the always incisive blogger and tweeter, Wednesday, from 11:00 am (GMT-4)

What is Lightning Network? What are your main challenges? What it feels like to be the first developer Spanish to receive funding from Square Crypto? All of these questions (and more!) the clarify with Sergi Delgado, developer of Eye of Satoshi, a project of watchtowers to make the payment at Lightning Network more reliable and secure. Thursday, from 1:00 p. m. (GMT-4).

And to close, we will discover the history of an enigmatic but significant group of activists of the privacy and cryptography, we speak of the cypherpunks. Let us remember that this community of hackers, developers, researchers and cryptographers were the first to receive the white paper of Bitcoin, directly from Satoshi Nakamoto. Desentrañaremos this powerful and compelling mystery of the hand of Alfredo Mancera, on Friday, from 1:00 p. m.

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Monday – Nick Spanos and A. Cortés.

Tuesday – Leigh Acct

Wednesday – Jesus Lara

Thursday – Sergi Delgado

Friday – Alfre Mancera

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