North Korea is found again in the line-of-sight american

April 21, 2020 by Antoine

Although the talks between the us president, Donald Trump, and his counterpart, north Korean, Kim Jong A, are not yet come to a genuine agreement on disarmament, the u.s. government is determined to stop the arms race initiated by this regime, and this, by the reduction of trade finance to the country.

New measures for South Korea

North Korea still maintains its denial against his indictment on the theft of more than $ 2 billion in fiat currencies and crypto-currencies. And yet, the rest of the world is not of this opinion.
Since the month of may of the year 2017, after the attack of ransomware WannaCry has infected hundreds of thousands of computers and has asked for a ransom denominated in bitcoins, the us government has put in place stringent measures aimed at curbing these attacks, which become unmanageable.
Recently, precepts most severe have been decreed by the american government to counteract these campaigns of cyber-crime. These measures consist of the intransigence of the anti-money laundering for crypto-currencies, the dismissal of it professionals in north korea, professional ethics in the it sector as well as the close collaboration with the authorities.
The u.s. government supports in this regard :

“We urge governments, industry, civil society and individuals to take all relevant measures to prevent future attacks from happening. “

A zero-tolerance policy

As a reminder, the us officials have always adopted a policy of zero tolerance vis-à-vis the entities or individuals who form links or open secrets with North Korea.
At the beginning of the year, Virgil Griffith, a developer ofEthereum, has been dragged to court for having attended a conference on crypto-currencies in north Korean. The reason is that the character supposedly describes how the technology Blockchain can be used to evade economic sanctions imposed by the Americans.
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