“Not surprised”: Is bitcoin halving this time, a boundless disappointment?

Less than three weeks before the highly anticipated next halving of Bitcoin, the crypto-asset-markets are still in a weakened state. The analysts are led to believe that it could be a total “Non-event”.
Bitcoin prices climbed this week to another week, but the markets remain, in General, continues to be bearish, since the technical data frame to show a downward trend over a longer period of time.
Price prediction models, such as Stock-to-Flow, and logarithmic graphs, say all from the previous market work behavior, the future direction of the predict. Bitcoin halved in the years 2012 and 2016, and experienced in the following years, enormous rallies.
This time, the Outlook for the global economy are very different, especially in terms of a viral pandemic that causes a collapse of the industry and a nightmare on the financial markets. Crypto assets are not spared, and Bitcoin has proven to many as the ‘safe harbour’ for him some of the has kept.
The researchers of the Messari have looked at previous market actions, in order to compare them with the current state of things – and their conclusions are not pretty. Researchers Ryan Watkins tweeted:

“Past Performance is not an indicator of future results. We are now in a completely different environment than 2016. But for all that the halving count down, don’t be surprised if it is a Non-event.“

With only 18 days, the prices are still below the margin, in Bitcoin during most of the year 2019 was traded. The weekly Relative Strength Index shows that Bitcoin is currently in the middle of the pack.
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Watkins added that the dynamics of the halving was supported last Time by Ethereum and the ICO-Boom, the BTC let alone this year by a three – to a five-digit number on the rise.

Social Media-Searching on the rise

Traders and investors in China were often the catalyst that has driven the markets in the height, and things start to develop in this Region is promising. Search trends indicate that people in record numbers, according to the information and news about the “halving of Bitcoin” search.
A according to analysts, in the Chinese social media to be a record, many are Looking for the halving.

“Bitcoin is based on ‘Chinese Twitter’ viral’. The topic of “Bitcoin halving” was the sixth most common search in the last 24 hours”

The crypto-analysis-company TheTIE has also published Figures which point out that the Twitter activity concerning the halving of Bitcoin has also increased.

“58% of Tweets that mention Gold and BTC, are positive, 63% in the case of the halving is positive”.

Search and Twittering may be positive indicators, but it is very likely that COVID-19 and its economically devastating impact drowned out most of the FOMO for the Bitcoin halving this year and continue to be drown out.
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