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Apart from the recent downturn in Bitcoin and other crypto have currencies developed in the last two months is exceptionally good.
From the lows in March at $ 3,700 a BTC has jumped up to 10,100$, which corresponds to a gain of about 170%. The Performance has made it possible for Bitcoin to outperform virtually every other established asset class (or each individual plant, worth over 100 billion dollars).
So it is no Surprise that there has been an upward trend in both retail investors and institutional actors interested in the Bitcoin market. I can personally experienced: friends and family members have asked me how crypto currencies to buy and about my thoughts on the market.
Although CNBC reported that a prominent asset Manager is of the opinion that Bitcoin investments are currently a bad idea.

CNBC: a financial Advisor does not want to refer to Bitcoin as a good investment

There are more basic drivers of the Bitcoin demand, but the Chief Investment Officer of Creative Planning Peter Mallouk, is about the effectiveness of BTC as an investment not too sure.
In a recent Interview with CNBC, the Investor said that speculative assets like Bitcoin, Gold and silver are currently in the COVID-19-world is not a wise investment.

“There are incredible businesses that we know that you have nowhere to go and a half price sale. There is no reason in the speculative world to go over, if a strong investment – to be sold, some of the strongest investments in the world – for half the price“

Mallouk says that he holds the shares for a better bet, given the persistent lull in the Market just by COVID-19.
On the edge it should be mentioned that CNBC Buy about 13 months ago a similar article with the title “no Bitcoin, warns the published asset managers”.
In this article, the leaf is cited (once again) Mallouk, who was then of the view that “crypto-currencies will collapse”. Stocks, bonds and real estate are better bets, said the Advisor to CNBC, the report reveals.

Billionaires see things differently

Many agree that Bitcoin is at the end of the day, a speculative investment, because it is not evidenced by a balance sheet or dividend yields. However, some billionaires start to promote BTC as a potential “staple” in your Portfolio.
So Paul Tudor Jones, for example, has stated to the Wall Street well – respected hedge Fund Manager with billions of assets in a this month published a research note that he will buy Bitcoin personally and professionally.
His re-found optimism in terms of BTC it back to three core factors: 1) BTC is similar to that of Gold before the Inflation in the 1970s, 2) Bitcoin is the only crypto currency that is, in his opinion, of importance, and 3) Bitcoin is absolutely in short supply, while Fiat money is weggedruckt.
But it is far from just Jones. Barry Silbert – CEO and founder of Digital Currency Group, an industrial conglomerate – made, with the below Tweet also the Argument that there is a Bitcoin demand of many Wall Street veterans.

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