Now in Bitcoin and Crypto invest? US aid package of 484 billion USD on the way

The Corona crisis has the world in Hand. Still, the Figures of the rise in many places
Infected. In addition, in addition, there is in many places a Lockdown, which is the
Shops that forces to close the doors temporarily. For this reason, the U.S.
Government’s various assistance packages for the people decided.The latest aid package of about 484 billion dollars to directly flow back into the economy. This but also the Crypto experts a variety of questions light up. How much of that can be invested in Crypto? You can have this aid package impact on the BTC price?The short answer is “Yes”, you should.this theme but a bit more light

Bitcoin as a currency in times of Crisis?

Bitcoin (BTC) has established itself already worldwide in recent years. Specifically for investors, these can
Currency will be very interesting. Granted, BTC is strong price can be subject to fluctuations.
Last but not least, has noticed this also in the Corona of crisis. Because BTC is in this crisis Around
53% crashed. So you could not claim that Bitcoin is really a currency in times of Crisis – the High
and lows are too extreme. Yet it is precisely the crisis for BTC investors could prove to be true
Gold mine turn out. Because while the Federal Reserve inflating the money supply continues to
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How much in Crypto to invest?

Now, the question arises: “How much should you invest of your own money in Crypto?”. The Price
the majority of Crypto currencies, which had lost in the last months, is
currently strong on the Stabilize – in the majority of cases, such as Bitcoin, there has been a clear Trend upwards. As an Investor, Crypto enthusiast, or Crypto Tech Fan, you should think about an investment, or even the Crypto Mining. Now, while it is very
probably still at home in the Lockdown spends, it is a good opportunity to first of all
in the matter for themselves, to incorporate, and then make the right investment
to search.The US aid package seems to be only a short term solution. While the Dollar continues to
is devalued, are Alternatives like Gold, but also Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies currently in many of the smaller investors very popular. Not only investors, but also miners can take advantage of this Situation and, possibly, with the right strategy with profit from this crisis coming.What will be the impact, in your opinion, the aid package on the Bitcoin exchange rate?Come on in to our Telegram Chat and talk with the experts and the Community!
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