Number of addresses with a balance of at least 1 bitcoin reached a new historical maximum

The number of addresses that have a balance of at least 1 bitcoin reached in march its historical maximum, according to the data released by the monitoring platform of the ecosystem, blockchain, Glassnode. The ascending line of the graph of the data provider shows that almost 800 thousand accounts currently have a BTC or more in them, until march 12, when they reached the milestone and other 13.258 additional until 9 April.The data Glassnode also show that by the end of 2017, when the price of bitcoin hit a record high around USD 20,000, had, at that time, around 720 thousand accounts with a balance of a BTC in them. Subsequently, when it imploded the price of the criptomoneda pioneer, in 2018, we recorded a minimum of 690.000 addresses with 1 BTC.Taking into account at the beginning of 2017 had about 550 thousand portfolios that contained at least one bitcoin, the data demonstrate that users continue to amass the criptomoneda, despite the volatility of the market and the fall in the price of the last march 12, when the price of bitcoin fell from $ 10,000 per unit to USD 4.185, before rallying back above USD 6.700 as found at the time of the drafting of this note.It is worth noting that not necessarily a address of bitcoin, represents a user. In fact, a user may create multiple addresses and perform various transactions with the idea of maintaining your anonymity.The graph shows that there is a tendency to the accumulation and the fall in the price of the criptomoneda does not seem to affect the interest in bitcoin. Source: Glassnode.Best viewed the interactive chart of Glassnode by clicking here.From January until march 2020, another category of addresses grew so notorious, addresses with at least 0,01 BTC, which is another reference to understand the growing interest that there is in the world by bitcoin when missing less than a month before the halving.In this graph we see that from January to 9 April, there are more than 400 thousand new directions with at least 0,01 BTC. Source: Glassnode.The data Glassnode also show that users have been withdrawing funds from the exchange houses of cryptocurrencies, which may be a signal that they wish to keep them in their accounts until after the halving is due in may. However, the behavior of the users of the network could also indicate that there is a strong tendency to take refuge in the criptomoneda during times of economic and political instability. Recently, we also found indicators that show that the market of bitcoin gets rid of feelings of panic.On the other hand, Breaking News recently reported that the data Glassnode also reveal that major investors in bitcoin, known in the jargon of the ecosystem such as whales, are accumulating ever more BTC as they are about the halving of the first criptomoneda scheduled for mayo.De according to an analysis of the signature Glassnode, there are now nearly 1850 entities or operators that have at least 1000 bitcoins or more, which confirms that the whales are in the accumulation phase. The figure did not reach that level since the end of the year 2017, when bitcoin came to be quoted at $ 20,000 usd. However, the behavior of the large investors then was to surrender, that is to say, of selling or taking profits.

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