oh.a. XTZ, the FAT and the LINK below

It’s going to be good, with the cryptomarkt, it’s all in the green. Especially, Who Hashgraph strains of the crown, with an increase of 143 per cent, as we reported earlier today, the subject of this article. However, other cryptomunten make a good chance to see it.
What are the coins that will increase the most in value? We will look at coins with a high trading volume of more than 100 million u.s. dollars over the past 24 hours, fairly small. In addition, we will look at the platform itself. Because you will forget to do it often, but a lot of the coins will also have a corresponding platform, as well as a (type of) product.

5. Ontology (11,60%)

Ontology is the first time in July 2019 and be worth more than us $ 1! And that would be a feat, because on new year’s day, it was the cryptomunt less than 50 cents are worth it.

Ontology is a very complex technical product. In fact, you’ll Ontology as a bridge between the existing platforms, systems, and blockchains for the blockchain, from the NEO. Ontology, then, is a product of the team at NEO. However, there are two stand-alone projects.
What Ontology does, it is hard to come by. This is the web Ontology uses a decentralized network environment, you may find that the most important issues of identity protection and data integrity issues. Information exchange and effective co-operation can be maximised by ensuring that users can trust.’

4. Ethereum (14,74%)

In comparison with the beginning of the year, the value of the ether (ETH) has almost doubled. Along with the growth of today, and we can’t complain, this is an increase of almost 15 per cent in the past 24 hours.

This growth is due to the positive sentiment in the market. But this increase is not independent of the emergence of Ethereum 2.0 will make this year. Ethereum is going to change to a Proof-of-Stake, a more energy-efficient way to process transactions to validate in the blockchain. In lieu of computing power to miners ‘ coins to be bet in order to of transactions to check it out. This call came to a halt. In the processing of transactions to earn money, then the reward in the form of waves.
Simply put, you’ve got a lot of aether? Can you use these coins to make transactions and to monitor, and even more of the ether to earn money. It may well be that because of this, the question of the ether greatly increased. Stop, the new ICON will be in 2020.

3. Chainlink (14,09%)

There are a few altcoins that have more than two years and is their all-time high and have been improved upon. But the Chainlink can do it! The value of the coin has more than doubled since the beginning of the year.
With the use of Chainlink can be blockchainplatforms information is automatically loaded to the smart contracts. That’s the smart contracts on a blockchain are. These contracts will run automatically in one operation, when there is something that has happened. For example: to remove your child watch it? He / she will automatically be a 10 euro from you.
The problem is that those information is to manually send it. In fact, you do nothing with your smart contract. Chainlink makes sure that you get information from the outside world,’ can you connect it to a blockchain, which is called an oracle. The team behind the platform has a lot of notable collaborations are closed, for example, with the Binance and Ziliqa.

2. VeChain (17,65%)

In the second place, we find VeChain (in BOLD), with an increase of 17.6% over the last 24 hours. From the beginning of 2020, the value of the FAT, more than 55 percent of growth!

VeChain is a blockchainplatform, which focuses on the improvement of the logistics chain. The idea of VeChain is that you are in the life cycle of the products can be followed on the blockchain. That’s what makes the supply chain is not only more transparent, but it will be there at the same time, the authenticity of the product guaranteed, it can stay in. You will not post any tampering with the information stored on the blockchain has been reset, everything is publicly visible.
Also, VeChain the use of its own NFC chip for product tracking.

1. Tezos (25,43%)

The winner of today’s Tezos (XTZ). Tezos started the year with a value of 1.24 dollars, and now the counter is already on 3,30 dollars. And that is just in the last 24 hours has been Tezos (XTZ), with more than a 25 per cent increase!
Tezos is a cryptocurrency, but it is also a platform for distributed applications. This is a Tezos so it is a competitor to platforms such as Etheruem camera. The purpose of Tezos, it is to be a platform for you to build on the foundation of democracy, according to the model of the ancient city of Athens. Each and every person to vote on any amendment to the protocol.
You can see how it is altcoinseason the first place? Okay, so moving forward, it was far too easy.

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