On a Skyrim-based blockchain game-used Chainlink – Breaking News

Videogamemaker BlockPegnio a new partnership with the Chainlink has been announced. The partnership means that the Chainlink’s VRF (Verifiable Randomness Function is used to build and upgrade in the game, tokenized blockchain assets. This is a very difficult phrase to say is that your own magic potion, unique, and really is, on the basis of the arbitrary beer was.

Trust is very important

The vision of the BlockPegnio is to bring blockchain technology to be used in order to create confidence in certain aspects of their games. Chainlink VRF provides players with the assurance that it is the result of the creation of items and potions, to be honest, and, arguably, arbitrary.


The players of The Six Dragons, and have access to clear and verifiable evidence that all their items using a tamper-resistant will be made. This will be a Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) is called. This means that a token that is unique to you and will not be exchanged for a similar token. For a bitcoin for example, is fungible and can be traded for another bitcoin. It doesn’t matter, its properties, the currency will remain the same.
In the NFT, it is any token or piece of data is unique. BlockPegnio says that even she has no influence here on the. The random number generation, which is the strength value, and rarity of, and enchante items to determine, such a guaranteed to be random.
In the coming weeks, this technology is slowly being rolled out. According to the spellenmaker solves a long-standing issue in the gaming industry, and does this really have anything to add to the experience for the gamer.

The process and results of public

Last week, we informed you that the Chainlink VRF is launched, BlockPegnio is there for the entertainment, in order to make use of them. Basically VRF is a type of willekeurigheidsproduct that robust safeguards for smart contract developers and end users.
The generation of the randomness out of the blockchain, it is not transparent, users must trust the third party, which has been implemented and the results are not to manipulate. In a blockchain, these are the results of nature is open to the public.
Chainlink VRF takes advantage of the Chainlink network, in order to randomly generate an input seed, and will publish both the results of the calculation in the form of a proof that the randomness is generated using the provided seed. It can be found in the blockchain.
VRF is specially designed and built for the blockchain based games to be tamper-resistant randomness to add to the smart contracts. Chainlink VRF allows remote attackers, miners, and even the development team of the RNG (Random Number generator) will not be able to influence it.

The real owners are

In their video, The Six Dragons, it is Chainlink VRF is used to the vagaries of the various in-game outcomes, must be verified on the blockchain. The game allows players to have more than three hundred by the NFT-eligible items, and upgrades. Because of all of the items that are decentralised, the players are the real owners of their digital products.
It sounds like Vitalik Buterin will also be music to the ears, according to his self-written bio:

One day, the World of Warcraft game-maker Blizzard removed the damage component from my beloved warlock’s Trap Life again. I cried myself to sleep, and on that day I realized what horrors centralized services can bring. I soon decided to quit.

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