Optimism in the world Bitcoin post Halving

In our edition today, we tell you the highlight of the day doing a fine summary full of the latest news. We highlight the queen of the optimism in the world of Bitcoin after the Halving.

CEO of Binance remains optimistic about Bitcoin and Binance

The optimism reigns in the world of Bitcoin and Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance, the main exchange of cryptocurrencies in the world, is proof of this. Zhao remains optimistic about Bitcoin and its exchange, even after the Halving of Bitcoin. In this sense, predicts a bright future for Bitcoin. And he stressed that primarily the goal of Bitcoin and the cryptocurrencies is the overcrowding. The success of any currency, whether virtual or traditional, is to achieve be used by millions of people for the exchange of goods and services. At the same time generates confidence in the humanity. There are strong ties that are developing between the traditional financial system and the cryptocurrencies. Little by little it has seen as it is expanding the use of the cryptocurrencies, not only Bitcoin. Recently it became known that the exchanges such as Coinbase and Gemini have become clients of JP Morgan & Chase, the largest bank in the united States. In this sense, Zhao is optimistic about the future of the cryptocurrencies, and in particular on the adoption of the criptos on the part of humanity in general.

How Bitcoin will go up or down after the Halving?

After the occurrence of the third Halving of Bitcoin, the question arises of what will happen to its price. If finally there will be movement upward in price, or if the contrary, the price of the criptomoneda will fall. However, the volatility in the criptomercado has been controlled, but this is something that can vary from one moment to another. You never know for sure what will happen. For PlanB, the crypto analyst, leader of Bitcoin, there is still optimism in the world of Bitcoin. He has great optimism about the criptomoneda, as expected after six months after the Halving, the price reaches us $ 15,000.

Robert Kiyosaki is buying Gold, Silver and Bitcoin

The legendary Investor, Robert Kiyosaki, recommended to their followers on Twitter buy Gold, Silver and Bitcoin, adding that days are fairly complicated for the world economy because of the Coronavirus. For the author of “rich Dad, poor Dad”, there are many indicators that show how bad it can be to see the economy. One of them is, without doubt, the increase of monetary liquidity. In his Twitter account said: “DEATH to THE FALSE $. The criminal Federal Reserve buying ETFs as the loser of Japan. Buffett sitting on $ by avoiding the actions. Royalty of Hedge Funds, Paul Tudor Jones buying shares in Bitcoin, saying ‘Bitcoin is equal to gold in 1971’. Strengthening of Bitcoin. Softening of the FAKE $. False $ biggest loser. Buying gold, silver and Bitcoin“.

Some lessons after the Halving

Already occurred the third Halving of Bitcoin 2020, now is the time to focus to the next Halving. In about four more years. However much remains to see about the behavior that may have the criptomoneda in the passing of the days. Let us remember that the most important event within the community crypto is considered an important catalyst that can shape the price of the main criptomoneda of the market. In this context let us point out briefly some important lessons: The first is that Bitcoin is beyond its price, its real value is in the power it has to help mankind. For their part, are the national currencies. In this regard, of the third Halving, we looked out the large possibility that the cryptocurrencies national are the next step in getting. Also BTC is also considered a warrior against inflation and censorship.

The stablecoins grow to 10 billion

The stablecoins grow strongly, surpassing the $ 10 trillion until this Tuesday, according to data of Coin Metrics. That represents a growth of 70% in two months. It became known that the largest growth is coming from Tether, representing 90% of the total supply. The major markets of the Tether are measured by the volume traded and are supported in two bags, with headquarters in Asia: Binance and Huobi.

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