Cryptocurrency becomes the first crypto lender with full license of Hong Kong

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Loans cryptocurrencies are quickly becoming an integral part of the ecosystem.The cryptocurrencies have an estimated value of US$ 200 billion, and are less leveraged.February 3, 2020, Hong Kong: the company loan of cryptocurrencies, based in Hong Kong, is the first company of this kind in obtaining a license from the Government of Hong Kong. The firm will partner with a custodian and leader of cryptocurrencies with headquarters in EE. UU. to provide insurance coverage for the criptoactivos (bitcoin) from clients of up to US$ 100 million in any part of the world.Loans cryptocurrencies are quickly becoming an integral part of the ecosystem, cryptographic, being PawnHub the first regulated company of crypto loans with headquarters in Asia; home to some of the nations of cryptocurrencies largest in the world, such as South Korea, Japan, China, Hong Kong and Singapore.The cryptocurrencies have existed for less than a decade, and the main financial instruments that are common with fiat money, such as loans and bonds, you are just beginning in the economy of the cryptocurrencies.The statistics that support the rapid growth of the industry of loans cryptocurrencies are amazing. The asset classes largest in the world (the global securities market and residential real estate) are worth collectively an estimated US$ 217 billion, with a global debt of US$ 244 billion, a ratio of debt to assets of 80%.The cryptocurrencies, on the contrary, are little leveraged. The cryptocurrencies have an estimated value of US$ 200 billion, with a debt-to-assets of only 2%. There is a huge potential of growth in the panorama of the loans cryptographic in the near future.The innovative business model of PawnHub provides the community of Bitcoin the best of both worlds, allowing them to retain ownership of their criptoactivos while they have immediate access to liquidity. Bitcoin is divisible, fungible, often transferable instantly, and users can use the loans to diversify into other assets, such as real estate and automobiles.With a unique position as the crypto lender pioneer in Asia, and as the first crypto lender fully licensed in Hong Kong, PawnHub is well positioned to serve the space cryptographic in evolution. PawnHub has simplified its processes loans that are simple and transparent when it comes to comisiones.Su commercial proposal unique and innovative combined with its reputation as the premier lender of cryptocurrencies is licensed in your region, makes PawnHub one of the most reliable and viable for lenders to take advantage of their bitcoin to improve liquidity.For more information on – visit
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