Payment in Bitcoin! Corona-cure-Fake-rip-off haunts through social media

A Twitter Post touting for quite some time for a web site that allegedly sells a cure for corona virus and Bitcoin accepted as payment. Scams like these have spread with the escalation of the global crisis are enormous. But there are also a number of positive projects.

Scammers sell false Corona-hope against Bitcoin

The Russian Website with the Fake cure was temporarily disabled. Screenshots show that you are offering the so-called vaccine in doses up to three people. They had claimed to be at the Australian national University in Canberra bound.
Although extensive research is underway, there is currently no cure and no vaccine against COVID-19. However, it is not surprising that scammers are trying with such Fakes, but the present crisis to exploit.
All of the so-called treatments that are being sold online should be avoided. Some of the media personalities such as Alex Jones, have been instructed, the advertising for dietary supplements and alternative medicines, of which they claim that they are fighting the disease, set.
Criminals are also trying, through the creation of fake charities and aid organisations benefit. Many take donations in Bitcoin. Therefore, one should look at anyone who claims to make during the outbreak, help, exactly.
The “Better Business Bureau” has a Website that is dedicated to this topic.
A secure way to donate is to choose a well-established organization like the Red cross. An action of the Italian Red cross has already collected thousands of euros for the Coronavirus-help. Bitcoin donations to the International Red cross can be made via BitPay.

Legitimate projects that make use of science

There are a growing number of legitimate applications of the Bitcoin Blockchain technology that are in development, and to combat the Coronavirus could contribute.
One of them is the [email protected] project of Stanford University, the addiction now with the help of Bitcoin and crypto-miners is. For years, Volunteers have donated the unused cycles of your computer for this project for protein research.
[email protected] now provides a Version of this application to the study of COVID-19, which can benefit from access to GPUs greatly.
Also the proposals in regard to the application of the Blockchain technology to the Virus-fighting have led to a series of collective initiatives. One of the Covidathon is an eight-week Hackathon sponsored by SingularityNET and Ocean Protocol.
Blockchain-based applications are also in development. Some try to create an anonymous interactive maps of infection hotspots, the immutable data for the health personnel, as well as the General Public can provide. Others promise to deal with the complex logistics of the delivery of urgently needed medical equipment better.
It is important that in the course of the growing struggle against COVID-19 is a distinction between honest projects and those that want to take advantage of the Public by false hopes, is becoming more and more important.

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