Payments with petro in Venezuela, closing of accounts in Chile and home of change in Colombia

During this week, the petro became newsworthy, due to the suspension of the system captures the fingerprint, identified as Biopago. This system came into “maintenance phase”, according to an announcement by the Bank of Venezuela, after being used in the last weeks of December 2019 and early January 2020 to redeem a christmas bonus assigned in petros for food and products.In these last days, the price of bitcoin approached $ 8,000 for the first time since November, after an increase of close to 4% occurred between Monday 6 and Tuesday 7 January. For the operator of markets and analyst of the ecosystem of cryptocurrencies, Tone Vays, the next floor of resistance is around USD 8.300. Equally, it considers that the increase in such a short time is not sufficient to provide a run that is bullish in the long term.At the time of writing this article the price of BTC was around the $ 8.166, a higher value that is handled on CoinMarketCap, according to the price calculator of Breaking News.With Breaking News interested parties can keep up to date on changes in the market prices of bitcoin, ether, bitcoin cash and litecoin with relation to your local currency. To do this, you can visit the section of the Market is Latin, which has a pricing calculator to perform conversions quickly and easily to your local currency.

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The Bank of Venezuela, financial institution, state of the south american country, reported that since the 4th and until the 10th of January keep suspended the service called Biopagoin order to maintain it. It is a system for the payment of goods and services, implemented with the objective of ensuring that the users could make use of the petro (PTR). However, to get the date to restart the system, it is said that operations will remain suspended until further notice.The platform for buying and selling Bitcoin, ChileBit, which operates in Chile since 3 years ago, announced that the subscriptions and withdrawals are frozen temporarily. This is because the Banco de Crédito e Inversiones (BCI) closed its bank accounts, putting at risk its continuity.The house of change of cryptocurrencies colombian Daexs close operations, from 21 January, due to interruptions presented by the platform over the last few weeks. The company said that the reasons for closure include failure of the service due to the growth in the number of users and that will be dedicated to create a new version of its platform.A recent analysis of Coin Metrics points out that the possibility of the death of general Qasem Soleimani, in an attack carried out by EE. UU., it has influenced in the price of bitcoin is something that we must consider and analyze with caution. This taking into account that the market reaction of the cryptocurrencies to the events macro-economic and geopolitical still not fully understood.95% of the market of manufacture of equipment for mining of Bitcoin is controlled by just four manufacturers, says the latest report of the Token Insight. Bitmain tops the list, concentrating to between 55 and 60% of the profits of the industry, followed by Whatsminer, which brings together the 20% of the market; while Canaan holds a 10% and Ebang 5%.The growth in the adoption of bitcoin will remain this new year, while most of the altcoins will continue failing in their “competition” with the first criptomoneda. That is the view of Bloomberg, according to its report on the ecosystem of the cryptocurrencies published in January of 2020. The study, called Advancing Within 2019 Range, establishes that the characteristics of bitcoin as a store of value have made it prevail over other cryptocurrencies.


Small and medium-sized companies in Mexico are unaware of most of what it is about bitcoin and the cryptocurrencies in general. A study by the british firm UENI determined that 67% of the enterprises are not aware of this branch of finance. The research surveyed 1287 traders during the second half of November and the first days of December of 2019.The brazilian bank Bradesco denies an agreement with the exchange houses, following the decision of the Administrative Council of Economic Defense (CADE) in the case of the closures of bank accounts of these companies for exchange of cryptocurrencies. The bank rejected a statement from the Brazilian Association of Cryptocurrencies, and Blockchain (ABCB), through which it requested the CADE mediation to reach an agreement.Telegram Open Network (TON), which will be a blockchain decentralized and maintained by third parties, ensure the managers of Telegram. The company said that it will not create foundations, and administrative entities to handle the project, as the same shall be in the hands of developers and external contributors.Wildfires continue in Australia, and to help combat the site Nugget”s News, focused on the education about the cryptocurrencies in that country, began a campaign donations with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in support of the work of the local fire department.The trade of bitcoins via the platform of peer exchange, LocalBitcoins, has fallen more than 20% in the last few weeks in Venezuela. This decreased movement of BTC in the south american country coincides with a sharp devaluation of its local currency, the bolivar, against the u.s. dollar. This fact, together with greater circulation of dollars in cash, could be influencing in the fall.If you want to know the meaning of several words from the terminology of the criptomundo, you can reference the extensive Glossary of Breaking News.

Collusion: Conspiracy, plot. In the world of cryptocurrencies, alludes to the possibility that participants of the network to act coordinately or plot to change the rules to your benefit. Keeps similarity with an attack of 51% percent.

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LocalEthereum is another one of the exchange houses decentralized for P2P sharing, which allows the direct purchase and sale of ethers (ETH). From this platform, you can find varied forms of payment, from wire transfers, bank deposits and international transfers, through payments systems such as PayPal, Wester Union, Skrill, gift cards and others.

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