Platform DeFi launched by TRON is checked for plagiarism by the community of Ethereum

Key facts:

According to the technical document, the stablecoin USDJ to be supported by TRX and linked with the dollar.This is not the first time that the community accuses Justin Sun project copy.Justin Sun, CEO of TRON, announced on 28 march, the launch of your project Djed with which it enters the ecosystem of the Finances Decentralized (DeFi). The idea of the Foundation of the TRON includes a stablecoin identified with the acronym (USDJ), supported by TRX and pegged to the dollar.Sun, used his Twitter account to announce the launch of the new project colateralizado, that immediately the community Ethereum described as a copy of MakerDAO. “The work of other people copied and pasted repeatedly, is not something new, it is called plagiarism-as-usual”, commented a user of that social network.According to the technical document of the new project DeFi, “USDJ is a new currency that is generated through contracts intelligent decentralized on the network TRON”. The price of the initial objective of the stablecoin will be a unit-for-dollar.The central mechanism of the System Djed. White paper, The USDJ Stablecoin System-Anyone can promise to TRX as a guarantee to generate USDJ. The USDJ enters into free circulation as any other criptomoneda once it is generated. Is pegged to the us dollar through debt positions secured (CDP), and also have feedback mechanisms that are autonomous In this sense, Djed will allow users to get loans, in a system that uses positions of collateralized debt to achieve stability, as the platform Oasis of MakerDAO.Screen capture of the tweet of Justin Sun, CEO of TRON. Image by @justinsuntron / twitter.comOtras similarities that the proposal of TRON saved with MakerDAO, revolves around the community governance, the entire time that the platform Djed will have their own token JED that it will grant voting power to their owners on the decisions in the ecosystem, while any citizen may submit suggestions for improvements.Users who get loans in Djed, they must pay an interest rate called the Stability Feel, this fee will be determined by the Team of Risk Provisional, which will copy features of MakerDAO. In addition, the contract smart Djed, clone the Dai of individual guarantee and enter the name of Sai, very similar to that of Dai.This is not the first time that the word plagiarism is linked with TRON, since two years ago, the community accused Sun of plagiarism white papers (White Papers) from other projects blockchain as Filecoin and IPFS. Also, he was accused of having used the basic setup of contracts intelligent, to what Justin Sun argued difficulties in the translation between chinese and English.Subsequently, the missing days for the release of TRON, in a publication in a Medium of the company’s Investigation of Digital Assets (DAR) showed details of the analysis of the software of TRON and it was noted that despite having found several additional files of programs copied in full, without proper attribution of authorship, those copies undue “must fade before the technical risks of the project.”

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