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You, you you you you to get bored? You can play video games and bitcoins win big.

Bitcoin microtransacties

The Magic of Internet Gathering (MINTGOX) hosted this past Sunday in a game is the event for you. During the event, gamers can get acquainted with the in-game bitcoin microtransacties.
MINTGOX is designed Zebedee, and the event has been organised in conjunction with Lightning Labs, a Bitcoin by 2020, and of THNDR-Games.

The events were in the games

Simon Cowell, the chief executive officer of Zebedee, say that the MINTGOX originally, it was thought to be a traditional bitcoin conferences that have been cancelled due to the corona virus. If you’re thinking of, I know that name from somewhere, and this is not the Simon Cowell of the talent shows.

When we started planning, we realized that with a fully virtual event-are in a unique position to be of help in experimenting with the development of Bitcoin, and Lightning-based applications. In particular, games that are online, globally, and digitally, so we thought that if we were in an event with the same format, and we might be able to do something that physical conferences are not able to do.

In the first event, there were three online games. Also, there was a PACKED panel, with the Udi Wertheimer. He is the host every week, VR meetups since the beginning of February.

With the sats, power-ups to give to the players

Raiki is a game where you have to help them to do it. It’s a fighting game, where you are, you will be lightning the wallet to them. The players and the audience will be able to sats (one hondermiljoenste of a bitcoin) earn money and at the same time, matches will be influenced by the power-ups for players to be dropped.
Cowell says that this is a lot of promise for the future of online gaming.

At this point in time, the live play is about winning the game and earning money. However, if there are real-time cash flow inside a game, you will have the opportunity for a more complex, interesting, and rewarding interactions.

He says it is the first event to be a success. Even if there were a hundred people in it.

Eventually it did, hundreds of people participated in three separate games, which is close to a thousand Lightning-transactions are coming from. We evenemnt within two weeks of each other online, we believe that this will be the first event to be a success can be made.

It’s obvious that Cowell is optimistic about his or her own event. He said that it was valuable, and that a live audience is willing to work with the players to experiment with bitcoinspellen.

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