“Play to win cryptocurrencies is the future of video games”, Sebastien Borget

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The steering of the Blockchain Game Alliance sees niches for new business models.The association works in two standards to lay the foundations with the video game industry.Recognized exponents of the game industry are laying the groundwork to integrate technology accounting distributed (DLT) or blockchain to its catalog of offerings for players at a global scale. With this aim was created in September of 2018 the Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA) or Alliance Games Blockchain, a consortium of more than 90 companies that promotes new standards for blending both worlds.The BGA is comprised of, among others, Ubisoft, ConsenSys, AMD, The Sandbox, MakerDAO or Tenjin. The organization seeks to accelerate the adoption of blockchain as a mechanism to provide better experiences to users and to create new business models in the industry. At the same time coordinate efforts to build networks among their members and attract new players to the association.For more details on the Blockchain Game Alliance, Breaking News spoke with Sebastien Borget, president of the alliance and co-founder of The Sandbox, a virtual world in which players can create and monetize their own games on the blockchain of Ethereum.On the BGA indicated that, although it was founded in 2018, their operations began in April of last year, all in the pursuit of a higher relevance for the distributed networks, and video games.The BGA is nearly two years old what is the balance that you do after this time?The Blockchain Game Alliance was founded in September 2018, but began to open up to new members in April 2019. Therefore, I think the alliance has had a year of activity effective, it is still very young for the industry in general, in comparison with the of games for mobile devices. We should measure time in periods of 5 to 10 years to have a good idea of the macro image.In this first year, the BGA has worked in communications, content creation, publications in social networks, public relations and the dissemination of the projects of its members. We also worked on defining new standards for the industry, sharing knowledge and best practices.We have a group that works on the standardization of metadata of assets of blockchain and the other about information and metrics. The results of the groups will include the exchange of open source code in GitHub, articles, conferences and more. I’m sure the 2020 will fulfill his promises in terms of adoption of games blockchain.Could you provide more details on the types of standards that would be implemented?The two working groups are:1) technical Standardisation of the metadata of the assets of the blockchain. In this process are involved companies B2Expand, Scrypta, Everdreamsoft, OpenSea, The Sandbox, Kronoverse, 0x, Blockade Games, Cosmos, Tendermint, Tenjin and Ubisoft.2) Analytical information and metrics that should be used when evaluating games of blockchain, in this case the companies involved are DappRadar, Non-Fungible, Altcoin Fantasy and ChainGuardians.What is needed for both industries to integrate even more?We want to demystify the complexity of the blockchain and further promote the benefits of the real property and digital commerce assets without permissions. The main objective will be to continue providing value to existing members of the industry, while accelerating the incorporation of new participants.There is also work to facilitate the promotion of games and projects, giving them more visibility to a wider audience. We will do this by involving the alliance in the promotion, adoption and commercialization of tokens is not expendable to show the potential uses of these digital assets and to develop more training resources.How can the game companies to adopt distributed networks to improve the user experience?We need to consider concrete examples of games that achieve the success. The main projects of games (with blockchain) are now coming out of its beta phase and should be launching to the public in this 2020. These games may attract the attention of the players, which would cause a greater growth and widespread adoption.What do you think of the games where players can win cryptocurrencies as bitcoin?Play to win cryptocurrencies has been emerging since last year and I think that is the future of video games, offering a great added value to the players and allowing a deeper participation in the games based on the blockchain.Sebastien Borget had recently assumed the presidency of the Blockchain Game Alliance. Courtesy Sebastien Borget.As president, what will be the guidelines of your management?I am convinced that we can be more strong in BGA. I want to prioritize the efforts of the entrepreneurs to attract more players and get revenue from their video games. We need to make sure that we’re not just building a single story of success, but that we encourage the creation of a complete ecosystem.You have to dedicate time and energy to support them by creating business opportunities, connecting them with investors and enable them to exchange knowledge so that we can establish many more such success stories within our industry.The projects are ambitious, but this 2020 is marked by the pandemic coronavirus how to deal with this situation?Our plans include the development of new initiatives to support the industry and the expansion of our activities through the launch of more job opportunities in the network. For now, we will have virtual networks, but we will resume the meetings when the situation with the COVID-19 permits. We will continue the series of dinners with members of the industry, which we have organized in the past few months, as we develop an environment that will allow new partnerships.Ubisoft already has a bet with Hashcraft what to expect for this year from the rest of the companies?I can’t really speak on behalf of Ubisoft, but Nicolas Pouard, a founding member of the Blockchain Game Alliance recently shared in a presentation at the EthCC what you’re doing Ubisoft in the space of the games blockchain and NFT.What projects are in Latin america?There are several game projects blockchain-based in Latin America, to name just a few: Decentraland, Experimental, TradeStars and The Sandbox, of which I am a co-founder. Having the opportunity to be present in several regions of the world, I will work for the BGA has an international scope more wide, including Latin American companies, but also those of Korea or Japan and that they will benefit from a stronger network.

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