Podcast On Consensus celebrates its first year with more and better talks on bitcoin

In Consensus, the podcast badge Breaking News, reaches its first year of broadcasting full of goals achieved, lessons learned, and with renewed energy for new achievements.With 31 episodes produced in the first cycle, the show has managed to adjust to a community bitcoiner that each day is more demanding, but still cater to the new enthusiasts of bitcoin and the cryptocurrencies who seek to educate themselves constantly.The podcast was designed to fill a little space seen in the hispanic audience that calls for new forms of educational content on bitcoin in a simple language, fun and entertaining. Relevant figures of the ecosystem as Andreas Antonopoulos have said this to share their thoughts with our audience in all of Latin america.It has been precisely our Latin american region which has been best represented by voices such as that of Solange Gueiros, Francisco Calderón, Alberto Cárdenas, and Carlos Roldan, all with one message in common: talk about cryptocurrencies, their behavior, how they work and what is its future.On the focus of the podcast, Ellen Cazes, host and producer of Consensus, explained that the idea from the beginning was to establish a program in which they could disseminate informal talks on bitcoin and the cryptocurrencies in general, without restraints and in a simple language, which could serve to the users begin to approach this world in construction.”From the beginning, Consensus was intended for people who have little or some knowledge of the technology. The goal is the education and diffusion, that is to say, the guests to offer their points of view or explanations as understandable as possible, without using too much jargon, or too many complicated things,” said Cazes.One aspect that highlighted the conductive is that it is a format of audio, the podcast must simplify the issues to be discussed for a better understanding in the audience, something that the difference, for example, with written content where the formal aspect, and the explanation in detail of the technology you already have your own space.Until now Consensus has aired 31 episodes. Source: capture cover Breaking News.

Achievements, learning and challenges

The hostess also did a review of the stories, obstacles and satisfactions that he has left the podcast in this first year of work. Despite the difficulties, has managed to overcome many of the stumbling blocks to see them as lessons and improve in the face of what will be the future of In Consensus.”Once we had a special guest, but the recording was so bad that it could not rescue anything from this material and the episode is not disseminated. On another occasion, in the middle of an interview, it was light, and the program continued without that the guest knew that I had been disconnected for that reason. It was my co-host Jose Rafael Peña make the latest questions and close the interview. Many things have happened, but the program has good receptivity and listening on different platforms, even on YouTube, which was a pleasant surprise for me,” said the producer.The dynamics of Consensus is developed with two interviewers. For Cazes your co-host is essential to the program since Peña focuses on points that may go unnoticed and that are also of interest to the audience. “Often you find the ‘weak points’ of the projects and asks the guests about it,” added the hostess.In connection with the episode that has marked Elena answered without hesitation that it was the Antonopoulos “for all that it represents for enthusiasts of bitcoin and the cryptocurrencies”. Cazes pointed out that it was a challenge, because the interview was done in English, so they prepared all their questions in that language. In addition, it remained careful, following your style, to cross-examine as that advanced the conversation.”I was very nervous, not only by talking with Andreas, but he also had to do the interview in English. I didn’t feel safe enough to do all those things in English. I started as a girl with your preferred artist. Andreas is a gentle man, patient, extraordinary and very quiet,” he said.

Future plans

For José Rafael Peña, coordinator of content of Breaking News and a co-host, the podcast will have in this the second year in a broad range of guests, with a diversification by countries and new educational content.”We will continue interviewing guests relevant within the ecosystem of the cryptocurrencies, that will provide important information to generate new content for the newspaper. In Consensus, has lived several stages, from its conception, is now a product much more refined within Breaking News,” said Peña.The engineer emphasized that, like any project, there have been some difficulties, but that the show has come forward with great satisfaction by the passion Elena for the podcast and bitcoin, which at the end has driven the project.”It is true, the technical details have never lacked, there were cases in which Elena has had to work with the episodes from voice notes. Everything has been thought of her, who wanted Breaking News had a podcast, being such a fan of this format. The newspaper approved the proposal and immediately began to work on the tone of the interviews and the cutting of the program,” added co-host.Peña confessed that sometimes the interviewees may be a box of surprises, as you will be invited for a specific topic, but end up talking about philosophy, for example. This behavior relates to the world of cryptocurrencies is related to multiple aspects of life, the history of money, governments and the financial independence of the people.Now, for the second year of interviews, In Consensus will continue to stand by cater to the hispanic audience with his usual weekly episodes and guests of renown within the industry. The mission is, and will be placed in the first place, the Latin american projects as a sample of who in the region is progressing in the field of adoption, technical development, and the compression of bitcoin, all in consensus.

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