Poll: 62% say that a Pound of Facebook will not be successful

After a survey conducted through the profile of CriptoTendencia on Twitter, a most devastating ensures that Pound of Facebook will not be successful. The survey was formulated with the following question: do you Think that Pound of Facebook is going to be Successful?; and that had 3 options to answer: NO, IF, MAYBE. The result: 62% of the participants voted for a NO. 24% think that MAYBE, while only 14% think that WHETHER. A vote that was 1.680 participants and that has been completed today. Survey on the Pound Facebook made through the profile of CriptoTendencia on Twitter

What makes people think that the criptomoneda Pound of Facebook will not be successful?

Despite being a large project, with each day that passes loses more credibility and support. To discover the why of this whole situation, then we summarize the project Pound; focusing on the good and the bad of it, features that are directly influencing their environment in a negative current.

What is a Pound?

Pound is a non-profit association based in Switzerland; and whose principal objective is to develop the criptomoneda Pound, a currency of open-source and based on blockchain as other as Bitcoin. In the beginning, Facebook will be the member of the association with more decision-making capacity, but only with the purpose of boosting massively the criptomoneda during his home; however, they are committed to then occupy the same rank as any member of the organization. The purpose of the creation of the digital currency Pound, is to become the best alternative for any type of payment; with 3 main features: easy-to-use, low-volatility and global in scope; based on a solid platform, and decentralized.

The pros:

Stability; supported by a pool of assets and a competitive network of buying and selling.Liquidity to be exchanged at any time for local money.Ease of use; as easy as sending a text message through WhatsApp.Refund in case of any vulnerability suffered by the platform. Rates of use low.Team of experts focused on avoiding the use of the Pound for fraudulent purposes.


Decentralization dubious. Despite the fact that the association is claiming that the Pound is a platform that is decentralized, the vast majority of the followers of the ecosystem, crypto believes that it is not so, because in the same whitepaper of the criptomoneda provides that the same shall be under the direction and guidance of the association Pound. Regulatory problems: Is this the reason why the Pound has suffered from the abandonment by the companies that initially supported the project; which include PayPal, Ebay, Mastercard, Visa, and Stripe.Restricted scope: A counter that is directly related to the foregoing, the acceptance of the project by regulatory bodies.Lack of clarity in its monetary policy: unlike Bitcoin, Pound shows no clarity regarding the issuance of its currency.


The lack of resistance to censorship is the biggest problem for the digital currency of Facebook; something that is not a problem for large as Bitcoin, thanks to its network fully decentralized. Due to the regulatory problems facing Pound, your scope looks questioned; a problem that caused that David Marcus, head of the association, indicated that the launch of Libra will not be made to meet the necessary regulations. Meanwhile; Germany, France and Italy are preparing measures to prohibit the use of the currency of Facebook in Europe. The detractors continue to rise. Just a few hours ago, the CEO of JPMorgan Chase, said about the project Pound, ensuring that it is a good idea, but that will never happen. However, the project is still in steady growth; and in the hands of one of the technological corporations more powerful today, Facebook. The launch of the digital currency Pound will continue to lead to fear in the most important banks in the world, because of the power of reach that it possesses a company as powerful as Facebook. To follow as well, Pound will be competing with the coins fiat and processors of current payments, most do not have the most powerful cryptocurrencies, because it does not possess the ideal essence of the technology blockchain, decentralization. The following two tabs change content below. Creative editor and trader of cryptocurrencies, currencies, fiat, and commodities.

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