Poloniex removes his trading history to overcome a series of transactions made by mistake

February 14, 2020 by Xavier

After you have found a bug that has led to executions of transactions by mistake, the crypto-exchange Poloniex has notified its community of operation irregular on Tuesday. In order to repair the bug, and to reverse the transactions recorded, the platform has operated a deletion of 12 minutes from his trading history.

A back 12 minutes in time

Based on complex computer systems, platforms, crypto-stock are not spared of bugs and other technical malfunctions that often lead to a series of flaws in the trading process.
Recently, it is Poloniex which has informed its clients of the discovery of a bug causing transaction by mistake. Given that these transfers are not reversible on the technical side, the company has decided to cancel 12 minutes of operation in its transaction history.

The recorded commands are discarded

The non-retroactivity of transactions including forced Poloniex to proceed to a deletion of historical order to repair the transactions initiated by mistake. In this perspective, all the commands recorded during this short period of time have been erased.
As explained in the tweet to Poloniex :

“In order to correct any accounting inaccurate caused by the bug, we are presenting a 12-minute history of the transactions, 17: 53 UTC at 18: 05 UTC on 10 February 2020. All the placed orders or executed during this period have been removed from the system “.

For the time being, the crypto-exchange has not issued comment on the case of users who carried out commands that are not affected by the bug. It seems that the priority of Poloniex has been the prevention of the risks of transactions of large volumes wrong to pay the costs of the activities of some users who will definitely notice their operations restored in the near future.
What do you think of this move from Poloniex to fix the bug out of his system ? Give your opinion in the comments section.
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