Pompliano: Bitcoin was born for this moment

The international financial system is going through one of its worst times in years. Then the major exchanges in the world to suffer significant falls and the collapse of assets such as gold, oil and Bitcoin, governments and institutions in the world have been put on guard. Including in this group to the Federal Reserve, as it says Anthony Pompliano in the Tweet of the day:

Unlimited liquidity, and the tweet of Pompliano

These are difficult days for the global economy, and Anthony Pompliano know. As it does not possess each any preventive measure against the Coronavirus, beyond the social distancing, normal economic activities have been disrupted around the world. This has seriously affected the global supply chains, as well as the energy demand and the financial stability of the markets. In addition, it has brought to the world’s governments in a difficult situation. When faced with investors without confidence in the markets, companies without possibility of continuing activities and protect their workers against the virus, and thousands of workers whose incomes are in danger. So, it seems inevitable that States will intervene to lessen the economic impact of Coronaviruses. To do this they have several means. Among them, the injection of liquidity in the market to generate confidence, the increase in public spending, reduction of taxes and direct compensation to workers and businesses unable to continue activities. It is expected that all these measures can curb the recession that seems to be entering the world. Something with what Anthony Pompliano is not of agreement: “The Secretary of the Treasury Mnuchin’s just say that the Federal Reserve and the Treasury are working to provide ‘unlimited liquidity’ to the financial system. UNLIMITED LIQUIDITY. This is going to be the greatest experiment in monetary stimulus in history. Bitcoin was built for this,“ tweeted Pompliano today. This would seem to indicate that it considers that the measures that are being taken by the Federal Reserve to alleviate the effects of the crisis, will bring adverse consequences for the economy. Depreciating the value of money due to an excessive issuance of currency. According to Pompliano, this situation will strengthen a currency is deflationary and outside state control, such as Bitcoin.

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