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The control panel allows miners to monitor the extraction and its revenues.BitDeer collaborates with 8 of the pools of mining larger, including, AntPool and ViaBTC.Singapore: the platform to share computing power, a leader in the world, officially announces the launch of its site in Spanish and alemá offers global users the opportunity to participate in mining cryptocurrencies without requiring technical expertise or investment in server infrastructure. The platform leader of mining shared has earned immense popularity among the community crypto mining global, with a user base in fast-growing regions that do not speak English, such as Russia, China, Latin America and Germany.

“Our mission is to provide the service more transparent, the user interface more user friendly, as well as the smoothest user experience to our customers around the world,” said Celine, Lu, founder and CEO of “In addition to our web sites in Russian and chinese, BitDeer is proud to present the sites in Spanish and German to better serve customers from these regions. There will be more to come.”

With the goal of optimizing the user experience of your platform, the pool of mining BitDeer has recently improved the design of its website, featuring descriptions of products more informative, reviews constructive influential people in the industry, and updated releases on the pages of newspapers and blog.His debut within the trenches of the crypto bear market in December of 2018, has achieved an explosive growth. The platform leader is currently in the top 3 in the mining market share, with more than 2 million unique visitors for the month of August 2019 and customers in over 223 countries and regions around the world.

Transparency consistent for the customers

Transparency is one of the most recognized In an industry that has many customers wondering who they can trust, has mitigated most of the doubts that people have to engage with such a service.The strategic collaboration of BitDeer with eight of the ten groups of mining Bitcoin largest in the world, including, AntPool and ViaBTC, allows its users to connect directly to the pools mining the world’s largest and receive your payments daily on the addresses of the wallet selected.In addition, the dash intuitive and the monitoring system server in real-time, allows the individual miners to monitor the extraction process and their income.

Plans BTC / BCH new available

The plans of mining BTC / BCH preferred by miners global are now again available. To purchase the plans by BTC / BCH 240 days, 300 days, 360 days and 420 days more ordered before they sell out, visit

Plans Zcash for a limited time and bonus

The pool of mining is bringing back the popular mining plans of Zcash (120 days, 180 days, 240 days and 360 days) during 7 days starting from 13 September. BitDeer also offers an extra bonus irresistible during the promotion:Coupon of the USD 500 for all newly registered users after you make your first order, Amazon gift Card $ 50 for all purchases above USD 5,000 Delivery of “A BCH by day” during the promotion of 7 days in the social media channels of BitDeer. Follow BitDeer on Twitter and Facebook for more details.For more details on the promotion of Zcash, see page Medium

About it is the platform to share computing power, a leader in the world, which allows global users to extract cryptocurrencies in a way that is transparent, reliable and convenient. It saves the users from the complicated process of purchasing, installing, and holding of mining machines. Individual miners can enjoy the service with a single click.Founded by Celine Lu in December 2018, the pool of mining currently has millions of customers in 223 countries and regions all over the world and it is located in the Top 3 in the market share of mining in the cloud.For more information, visit or connect on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and VK.Media contact
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